Only thing I hate about seo is link building

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Is it hard to link build properly. I hate asking for links. What is the best way to go about getting links because that is the one thing holding us back. We are on page 2 and 3 and were missing links. Anybody write at a tech blog and want to work together
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    Hey Robert have you approached anyone in the tech niche with this proposition? often times you could potentially do a article swap mutually between two sites because even if one authoritative site is on first page and doing well it can always be better so it definitely would be beneficial if you could reach out to some of those and make an offer on doing some article posts for each other. Hope that helps

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    You know what? One thing i do not like from SEO is that

    Traffic come so slow, after months...

    I want instant Free traffic. That's me
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    Originally Posted by Robert Wisniewski View Post

    Is it hard to link build properly. I hate asking for links. What is the best way to go about getting links because that is the one thing holding us back. We are on page 2 and 3 and were missing links. Anybody write at a tech blog and want to work together
    It sounds like you are approaching link building as a form of begging.

    "Please, please, please link to my site. Pretty please?"

    If that's true, stop it right now.

    Proper link building should be a win-win-win proposition.

    > The site owner gets something of value to offer their audience - win.
    > The audience gets something of value they might not have gotten otherwise - win.
    > You get a valuable link for your site - win.

    Instead of begging for links, offer an exchange of value.
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    Originally Posted by Robert Wisniewski View Post

    Is it hard to link build properly.


    IMO, link building, done "properly" (as you say), is a function of some thoughtful strategies that draw people and businesses in your niche to your web site because of what it offers - the value it has for them.

    Think about ways you can attract niche participants, search engines, and other niche authority sites to your site. Here are a few objectives:

    1. Provide niche content that people want to consume and share. The idea is to leverage what you provide so that it is both valuable to participants in the niche and also something that is easy for them to pass along to others.

    2. Learn about and implement (on your site) the "best practices" for search engine "love" or juice or whatever you want to call it. You don't have to go overboard in doing SEO, but there are some fairly simple and rudimentary things you can do to make your site search engine friendly. This strategy doesn't necessarily bring you links directly; however, being listed in the search engines and "findable" is preferable to the alternative and over time should add to your linkability.

    3. Authority sites in your niche and related niches will want to link to your site when it is to their own advantage. Here are some ways to make your site something special in the niche:
    • Provide valuable unique content - things that aren't found on other sites in the niche. Of course, content takes many forms like articles, blog posts, videos, audios (pod casts), graphic images, etc.
    • Provide news, coverage of events, interviews with niche authorities, best practices, cases studies, etc in the niche. These are all ways that you can keep your site "fresh" and current. Many sites in the niche won't go to this effort - but they will link to other sites that do!
    • Provide tips or original thoughts in some type of ongoing dialogue. Such recurring value can set your site apart from others that don't do this. It could be a newsletter, blog posts, or even just emails to subscribers. Yes, this is "work" and not something most sites do - hence it's a valuable asset to your business. Non-competing sites in the niche will often refer their followers to such a valuable service off their own site.
    4. Make sure your site is listed in all the niche directory sites or similar places where "niche resource" lists are found. The key to getting listed, of course, is to make your site unique and valuable to others.

    5. Always keep "distribution + branding" at the forefront of everything you produce. You can't afford to just put great content on your site and site back hoping others will find you. Brand everything you do and develop a distribution plan or strategy that "pushes" all your content, advice, products, etc. out into the niche - especially to the authority and high traffic sites where possible.

    6. Don't be afraid to ask others to give you a link. I know this may be an unpleasant task for some . . . but when you think about it . . . if your site is unique with fresh content and of great value, you have nothing to fear or be ashamed of - you are doing that other person a favor and helping them to make your value available to their audience.

    How you implement these objectives will depend upon your niche, what business model you've chosen, etc. But you will find links from other sites come naturally as you focus on making your own site a valuable resource in the niche. Trying to "game" your way to lots of great links can do your site more harm than good - don't get caught up trying to shortcut your way to some large quantity of links over quality links in the niche.

    The very best to you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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  • I really appreciate all the comments and I believe this is some of the best advice I have seen which includes some top sellling seo books I have read. I will try and implement some of these this week and post updates later to see what works and what does not. Hopefully we can push to the front page soon. Some of the terms will move us a head of amazon walmart and groupon with a few high authority links. Thats the only thing holding us back I beleive .
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    I don't like link building either. I find it helps when you have something of value and/or are able to help people. That often can help organically increase links without asking.
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    It is a slow process I can agree on it but hard work always pays off.
    I would suggest you: invest little time and money to learn how your competitors are doing it.
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    I think more bloggers should be focusing on value based content and promoting that content using social media etc to put it on front of an audience that would find it useful.

    Most of the people who are struggling with link building usually have a set it and forget it type of mentality.

    Write something once and profit from it for years.

    Sure there are some evergreen content that can do so but nowadays we have to work a lot more consistently for results.
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    For quality link building, you need to buy a proxy servers from other countries. With their help, link building will become much more pleasant and easier. With the help of these proxies you can parse any information and give access to many sites and it also anonymizes your data
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    I see you approaching the link building in the less effective way.
    I think Link Building is a win-win process. Which means if you want to place your links on the site that you want to place, you have to give that site some true benefit.
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    Google ranking based on backlinks, if not link building then I think hard to have high and durable rank
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