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When the Google bot crawls a website and the results are available in webmaster tool. Then, you will find in the stats that a blog which has only 50 articles, Google has crawled about 130 pages. Is there an issue with the website architecture or is it that Google is considering every URL separately that renders the same content?

Example &\

These 2 URL's render the same content so will google consider them 1 or 2

Is it fine if this is happening or does the site need to change some thing? Its basically a Wordpress managed site and nothing has been changed by me in the theme. I just post articles and have not fiddled with any of the settings.

Wating in positive anticipation.
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    Anyone got help for me?
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    It is completely fine as Google crawls all the pages and details of the website.
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    Hi Kumar,
    Thanks for the response. My site is on wordpress and I checked just now that in case of the example i have given above. &\

    When i type the 2nd URL directly in the browser it automatically lands me to the 1st URL and i am guessing that it is fine as well.

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    Lots of people are complaining about Google not indexing all the page of their site and you....

    ...have the site pratically double indexed!

    It's fine.
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    Check the other 79 indexed pages on Google except the 50 articles that you have been published and +1 your homepage. I assume that Google is indexing tags, archive and category pages and this is a bad practice to index category and tag pages as it can be a blot to your content which will be plagiarized in order to appear on two different pages. Install "All in one SEO Tool" WP plugin and mark your tags and archive pages as noindex.
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