How to increase my website organic traffic?

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Hi all, I am doing SEO in proper ways, for example blog posting and promotion backlink creation and all. But, I am not getting organic traffic so anyone know how to reach organic traffic please guide me..
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    Try Guest post, Forum comment, Social Midea share. In my opinion, do lots of forum post
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      I am with you on guest posting and forum contributions.
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    The term organic traffic refers to hard earned traffic and the key to generating organic traffic is through backlinks. Securing backlinks is a vital Off-page SEO technique. Here are some ways to do so,
    • Blog Posting
    • Blog Commenting
    • Forum Commenting
    • Article Submission Directories.
    • Press Release Distribution Sites.
    • Sharing Images.

    While each of them takes time and patience, yet they are effective and completely organic in nature. I hope that helps.
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    Where are you posting? Can you show some examples? I know people who have done all of the above but seen ZERO traffic because they look like spammers. Most spammers don't realize they're spammers. So, worth getting a second opinion, right?
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    Hello Rajeshwari Raje,

    Just posting Blogs and Articles won't help you much in gaining organic traffic unless and until you promote them.

    Use all social media platforms possible and promote your content. Ask your friends and relatives to share the content as well.

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    I am also in a similar situation. Recently I have started working on a new website [link removed] and my target keywords are highly competitive but low search volume. I asked few of expert marketers about, what strategy is going to work for my product and they advise me to focus more on content marketing techniques like Press release, Guest posting, Article submissions and focus on trendy things in your product category and then improvise strategies according to the trend.
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    The one factor that you cannot overlook is posting quality content. I'm talking at minimum once or twice a week! With everything else considered... Google will reward you by posting quality content on a consistent basis without a lot of keyword stuffing.

    You need at least 50+ blog posts to see an increase in rankings.

    Good luck!
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    you are doing activities in the perfect way as you say but the website also matters on which you are working. Do-follow or no follow, DA PA and other factors. so choose your site and Keywords wisely which have good traffic.
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    Though it's becoming lots harder for the seo professionals to rank a website in Google, they are trying to utilize the most popular sites for creating backlinks that could help a website to generate organic traffic & could bring more engagement on it as quick as possible.

    Blog Posting, Guest posting, Article sharing, Question & Answering on Quora & other high authority sites, Video marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing & most importantly Social media marketing are some of the marketing techniques that could help to bring huge traffic on a website which is organic. If you are creative & your concepts are unique, it will be easy for you to build a good customer base for a website quickly. Make sure your contents are interesting.
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    I think that a good way of getting organic traffic is by engaging in groups that are interested in your services . You can do this by running surveys polls to see what responses you get . So what I am saying is that there is no one size that fits all. You have to run test.
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    Do guest blog post - it's best to get organic and quality traffic
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    Getting organic traffic is difficult these days without 2000 words useful content. Publish a post of 2000 words and also get plenty of social shares and traffic to your page. You have chances to get organic traffic after few weeks.
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    If SEO is all about blog posting or creating backlinks, everyone would have got thousands of traffics.
    But SEO is not so simple. You need to learn the tricks.
    Download Images for Social Media (Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram etc) 100% free.
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    Here are some ways to increase website traffic organically:-
    - Create a useful and quality content for your audience.
    - Start Social media advertising because it plays a major role in increasing website traffic.
    - Always go to friendly Website which takes less time to upload and gives result in a short time.
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    Try to engage in facebook groups, forums and blogs with high page authority.
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