How to get traffic and improve my stuck rankings?

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I have been working upon a set of 10 keywords of which 1 is appearing on first page while the rest are almost within rank 60. I am performing off-page like article, PPT, PR submissions and so on including strategies which are must for traffic and backlinks, and still I'm not gaining expected traffic and improvement in ranking. Can any webmaster help me out? Need genuine response!
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    Build a good link profile with good quality links in it. Its the simplest answer.
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  • Start with content marketing. You are building backlinks but not quality ones. Try not to fuss over the quantity of backlinks you are getting, but prioritize more on the quality of websites you are building your backlinks from using good content marketing strategies.
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      Originally Posted by affilorama-portal View Post

      Start with content marketing. You are building backlinks but not quality ones. Try not to fuss over the quantity of backlinks you are getting, but prioritize more on the quality of websites you are building your backlinks from using good content marketing strategies.
      I agree with this one. The content must be relevant to your site/page, with the backlink. It should include 1 or 2 other links, so as to not look promotional. Links in anchor texted.
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    Your website looks fine. If you really want to make your website visible in top results then avoid the older and outdated SEO strategies and try to build high authority backlinks with no content duplication. You may do guest posting on high authority websites related to your industry. I know it is a time consuming process, but this will give you the long-lasting results. Also, work on its traffic by regularly updating the interesting posts on social media sites.
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      hey KevinWillis, can you please suggest guest blogging sites for automobile websites or any general sites where i can start guest posting?

      thanks in advance.
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        neel patel I have a good blueprint of SEO plan for the automotive site and I may help you to get guest posts from Automobile related sites. Have sent you a PM.
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    Do only, quality work and promote valuable content that draw attention of users and provide best information for particular subject. If you feel refine On-page because it's play vital role to increase the presence of your website in organic listing and focus on quality backlinks. Your website ranking will improve 100%.
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    Do on page SEO of your page, make sure that you have used your all keyword relatively within the meta description. I have experienced that using keywords in meta description surely boosts ranking.
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    Focus on both On page and Off page SEO practices. Try to build quality content and also focus on target keyword and also include include keywords in meta description and title. Build quality backlinks with unique content.
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    You must try to promote your product and pages on Social media site like facebook, Twitter , Google + etc help to get traffic on website
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    Backlinks are not a numbers game. It's not about more links, it's about links that send the right message.

    You need to focus on QUALITY over QUANTITY.

    Forget about relying on article marketing and press releases - That is history.
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    • I have a quick question to you. What really mean of quality link? Can you give a specific example about a quality link? We all know these words "quantity, quality". But what "quality" really means? How to make it? Blah Blah Blah...
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        A quality link is:
        • Relevant
        • Hypered on a CTA Keyword or Line where the user will click and engage with the link.
        • The website you are getting link should have a clean link profile - by
        • Good DA, TF more than CF.
        • Getting a link from Shareworthy and Content Rich Posts.
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    Try to focus on Seo On & Off page.
    On page is easier than the Off page, but remember "content is King".
    With Off page, try to get many backlinks as you can but also remember should have the backlinks from appropriate site.
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    The only the way to generate traffic to any Website is Off Site activity. In this mainly concentrate on Content Marketing, Guest Blogging and Social Media. By Doing Content Marketing You have a chance to build Author Worth and Quality Back Links. By doing Social Media Marketing you can generate massive traffic to your Site. Google Plus and Communities and Facebook Groups are very important in Social Media. Once try all these tactics along with regular works.
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  • Hi ,
    re-write web page content again & maintain keyword density . put your keyword as it is in web content. create a social bookmarking daily basis.
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    Interact more user through social media, use correct subreddit on Reddit while post or comment. It helps you in gaining traffic. Update your profile, publish good quality content but make sure use impressive headlines and images.
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    It's nothing complex, simply create great content, build quality links, get some social share and do content marketing.
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    Please share your website. It is also very important to work on inbound marketing to get more traffic. Article writing, and off page SEO strategy is not only responsible for more traffic. It will helpful for search engine ranking. Post your content on high DA sites and try to make good engagement with users. Only engaging content will helpful for both traffic as well as ranking.

    I will only suggest you for guest posting, blog post and article posting.
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    Maybe you're focusing on quantity of backlinks than quality of baclinks, thats why you're stuck.
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