Bounce Rate 0% How to resolve it please help

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When I want to check bounce rate for organic or other traffic then analytics showing me 0% bounce rate. What is this how I can resolve it please help.
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    Bounce Rate 0% Means user coming to your website and left immediately. In that case Bounce rate shows like that. When user spent some time on your site and passed from one page to another page at that time Good bounce rate will formed. So try with good UI and Content with visuals like Images, Videos and Gifs
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      but i got lot of traffic from social sharing and organic but i don't think so that's the problem our content is unique and our UI is perfect for user we got 2k plus traffic in each month
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        Once Check Session Duration and Page Views also.
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    How many visitors are we talking about here?
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    0% bounce rate would be perfection... it gets no better than that. This is not something you want to fix...

    However, the reality of 0% bounce rate is dang near impossible... you may want to check your page code to ensure that the analytics code is on all of your pages.

    As Good as 0% would be, I would be suspicious at the same time...
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    Jesus this was painful to read lol. Higher the bounce rate the more users are bouncing. However if it's 0% that means every user has not bounced ever. Which is highly unlikely. Check your tags are setup correctly. My bounce rate used to be 50% but I managed to get it down to 10% with a lot of work and content (Sig if interested)

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    Bounce means to leave quickly. "Bounce away". 100% means that everyone is leaving quickly.

    Social media can be tough. You may get the traffic, but the "quality" of visitors may be low. They may not have any interest in your content. Adjust who you are reaching via social media. Or, maybe have better, more interesting landing pages.
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