How To Find An On Page & SEO Analysis Expert

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I have a really cool project what I'm working on since 2014. I put almost 100K in marketing/ development and all my attention on the project. I provide GREAT content, very helpful information and a really cool services.

I have over 500 pages but still less than 200 visitors a day. I don't make real SEO because I was hoping to get natural links. I only get here or there a link from a forum or blog - nothing powerful.

My concern is that there is something wrong of the way how I provide the content. I had a guy from India and one from Canada working for the project development. They were not bad but also not great - short - they didn't care much about the project.

I don't want to find another unskilled/ unmotivated guy on freelancer or upwork for doing an onpage/ seo analysis so my question is...


I can't effort paying an overpriced agency for doing that job!

Thank You!
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    What's your site?

    Make sure you visit each search engines' Webmaster Tools and fix any problems that are reported. This is the single most informative way for you to get things squared away, without paying money. There are tools out there on other sites that may be able to help.

    If you insist on hiring someone, then I suggest that you find someone that comes highly recommended. You may be able to find someone on Fiverr, as they now provide "pro" level gigs, so the quality has gone way up.

    If at all possible, make sure your site is mobile friendly too. It's the next big thing that Google has been pushing.
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    I am a big fan of finding SEO folks who offer content generously through their blogs. If they are generous with free help, they almost always do a fabulous job when you pay them. Abundant vibe type thingee.

    These people do not hunt you down; they are the Hunted, not the Hunter

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    Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging at Blogging From Paradise
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    Doyou really need an expert?

    Just look up your keywords in google keyword planner and then make content with those keywords in the title..Don't even have to do any other optimization tricks.

    Then reach out to relevant people who might be them or beg them to post a link.

    You'll then rank for those keywords over time..Your site is old enough and has enough content that it should be gucci.
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