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Thanks in advance for any useful advice.
I've just bought 5 expired domains from Domain Hunter Gatherer. They are related to my niche and I want to 301redirect them to my money site. They are all about 10 years old and haven't been active for at least 3 years so probably don't have any traffic but according to Majestic have about 500 links each. I used the site recovery function on DHG to capture the website data necessary to rebuild them to their former glory and can upload to a new wordpress install if I want.
I figure I have 2 choices:- a/ Restore the sites, put them on search console with a site map and reindex them then after a month 301redirect them to my money site or b/ 301redirect them straight away as they are from my hosting account .
My question is 'what would you do and why?'
Again thanks for your help
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    Both options will help you. But I am suggesting you to go for option A. If you have admin access of your expired domain sites, then you can restore the site and create search console account property for each domain and make redirect them to your target website and updating the sitemap file for both old and new domain. You will get the good traffic results to your targeted money website.
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    Don't redirect them just rebuild them. And then link back to your money site.
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    Just build them from a new starting related category blog and work daily basis and then make a homepage backlink of money site.
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    I can't use them for tier 1 backlinks because I have registered on the same account as the money site thereby leaving a footprint for google. There's no problem 301redirecting them as they're a related niche, but will I get extra link juice by rebuilding them first, how much extra and is it worth the additional time spent?
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    I personally have done this before and it was for my local business website (so you know I take it really seriously). Having heard of all the warnings of 301 redirects which could trigger Google penalty, I carefully chose 2 out of the many domains I wanted to redirect instead. My rankings improved but not much really. Most of my keywords still stuck at second or third page. Bear in mind, the domains I redirected are the best of all my filtered list of domains. Some of them even have over 20k+ backlinks from very established websites like Huffingtonpost and Gizmodo. If I were you, I'd choose the best domains to redirect. Anything more than that, you risk getting your site penalized so be careful!
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    What I would do, is what everybody said: build them and then send links to them - you'll get a lot of juice this way if you do it right. It will be like you have your own PBN

    However, 2 things you need to keep in mind no matter if you decide to redirect them or rebuild the sites:
    a) scan for the sites' live backlinks
    b) redirect all backlinks to homepage aka root domain IF YOU DO A 301 REDIRECT TO THE WHOLE SITE

    I you want to rebuild:
    a) scan for the sites' live backlinks
    b) redirect all backlinks to various pages (let's asusme you wont' restore the sites entirely page by page, so you want to keep some of the link juice

    If you want to rebuild the sites some notes - cause they'll be like your own PBN
    - go for private namesevers
    - each site a different host
    - do not access the site with chrome or when logged into any google services
    - create a google account for each site - do not have one where you merge them all
    - post on them at least 1 time per week
    - make sure you fake some traffic and comments
    - helps if you also create some fake social profiles for the sites

    Hope this helps, if it does, gimme a "like"
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      Thanks 530!
      1/ I don't have the time to create individual personas for each site.
      2/ I'm writing content to syndicate with IFTTT which takes at least an hour per day and have a list of 1400 sites that have linked to my competitors that I need to follow up on.
      3/ I've already set up wordpress installations for all 5 expired sites and hosted on my main hosting account, the same account as the money site.
      4/ I googled the domain name (minus the .com) and found lots of sites that had linked back to the expired sites, when I clicked on them they redirected back to my new installations So those links were working, I don't know how to scan for live links
      5/ I think my only option given my time restraints is to 301 them.
      Can I redriect them all at the same time or should I stagger them over a couple of weeks.
      Thanks again 503 for taking the time to help me.
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        1 - that's optional
        2 - ifttt works but there are tons of wordpress plugins that syndicate content automatically from rss feeds - can't remember any of them atm but I know that i use some for my PBN sites as well
        3 - i highly recommend you change the hosting - go for cheap hosting solutioons but make sure that you have enough disk space if you're going to syndicate content aka at leat 5gb of storage. I think matthew woordward has a pretty good list of cheap hosting sites
        4 - use majestic, semrush or similarweb or ahrefs to see the links to your site - googleing the site without the .com isn't a good way to spot the links
        5 - you can 301 them all to your homepage/root domain as it's a lot less time consuming, BUT i would highly recommend you take the time and at least break them down into 3-4 batches of links and redirect them to 3-4 pages/posts of your sites
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          Hi 503,
          Once again, thanks for taking the mental energy to help.
          I have 301redirected the first one, an expired investment site to a new page on my money site with the url '/investments, stocks, shares and investment vehicles/' and left it off menu so it's inaccessible to normal visitors unless they know the url. I've put a contact form on the page offering investment advice to those filling in the form, I very much doubt I'll receive any enquiries, which is fine and the page looks surprisingly legit. My niche is mortgages so it's not that far of a stretch to promote investments too.
          2- Ifttt is amazing, if you've not reviewed it lately...I can post on blogger and simultaneously publish on tumblr, twitter, wordpress, weebly, facebook and others too.
          4- I'm no expert but from what I have seen of indexing sites they all have wildly different results, google might say 5000 links, majestic 500 and semrush nothing, although they can point you in the right direction.
          3- If I changed the hosting would google know that it had previously been on my money site hosting account, in other words do they have a history of the domains' hosting or just the current hosting info?
          Thanks again!
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    Originally Posted by gelsi View Post

    I used the site recovery function on DHG to capture the website data necessary to rebuild them...
    By writing "capture the data to rebuild them" are you referring to the site's original content?

    If so, you do know that if the content was original work created by the previous domain owners, it is almost certain to still copyright protected, right?

    Wouldn't want to see you get into legal hot water.

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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      You're right. I'm just going to 301redirect them.. much easier!
      Thanks for your concern
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