What does it mean when the most popular Google search is by the actual product name?

by pzanna
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When researching my search traffic I noticed the 70%+ of the traffic I receive from Google searches is by our actual product name, not a category or technology, etc. Does that mean that the real source of traffic is word of mouth and not really search, and if so should I be investing in category based keyword ads to augment this traffic?

Thanks in advance.
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    Hi Pzanna,

    Yes, it can mean that you get most of you traffic by word of mouth - or your social campaigns, or your product has a name that's similar to a well searched keyword.

    However, please let me know how you see the searches - what tool because I'm sure all marketers are dying to see the source of traffic from their sites cause google blocked that a couple of years ago in analytics.

    To check where your traffic is coming for do this:
    - create a google adwords account
    - use google keywrod planner and then use "landing page" as source of keyword ideas
    - see what keywords google finds relevant for your site
    - start tracking the rankings of that keywords in google - you can use a free tool like serplab.co.uk
    - then see what pages rank on what keywords and create a strategy to augemnt the positions on those keywords
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      Thanks for the response.

      The search data I'm using is in Google Analytics under Acquisition->Search Console->Queries. It also show number of clicks, CTR, ranking, etc.
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