Correlation between rankings and frequent blog/social postings?

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Anyone notice an up or down trend in visits to their site via google whether they increase or decrease the frequency of blog articles they put up or social postings they do?

Interested to see if there is a correlation..
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    Unfortunately there is no correlation between the rankings and frequent blog posting or social media submission, Its more on the internal structures optimization.
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    There is no correlation between rankings and blog or social posting. Blogs helps you to improve your website visibility on the Search Engine and social postings helps to create engagement.
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    As suggested by Steven and Kylie, they are right. I personally focus on creating quality content and focus on keywords which really helps in ranking. Social Media presence gets me new engagements.
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    Actually, there are plenty of correlations, but no direct evidence that blog frequency or social postings help a website rank.

    Bing/Yahoo actually DOES use social networks as part of its algorithm. Google says that they do not. That said, a popular blog with great posts might pick up a few natural backlinks from other sites that link to a great article they have found. Social, itself, didn't help it rank on Google, but it made other people aware of the post, some of whom linked to it.

    Frequency usually plays no role at all in ranking but in some cases, with extremely time sensitive things, frequency might help you rank better (a blog that posts several times per day about politics or the stock market is probably going to rank significantly better than one that posts once a month). Even if your blog is not one of those where "fresh" up to date content is preferred, the more often you post, the more often there is something that might get linked to.

    So, both things might create a correlation - not actual causation.
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