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Hi! Dealing with an unusual SEO task. My client currently has 90% of their website content on their home page (it's an extraordinarily long page). About 6 months ago we did an SEO Audit of their site - They implemented our recommended additions / changes, which lead to a barrage of industry relevant, high authority inbound links popping up.

Search rankings went through the roof - It was a resounding success.. Now we're faced with an entirely new problem: We'd like to improve the usability of the site by separating out the mass content on the home page into well structured, logical site sections.. and in doing so, simplify the content on the home page into a focussed value-proposition offering, with well-informed links into site subsections.

I'm battling to find the right answer to the SEO portion of this. I don't want to lose the traction the Home page has gained (they're now getting a relatively high amount of sustained, highly engaged organic traffic), but at the same time I know that well-structured content will be much better for the SEO long term.

Any advice on the best way to approach this? The developer in me is wanting to just canonicalize all the new pages to the home page URL, and then slowly remove rel:canonical links as the new pages gain more of their own inbound references... Though in truth I don't have a clue whether I'd get away with that. Thoughts?

Source: SEO: Mass content exodus from the home page into subsections
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