How much to pay for SEO services in my small business?

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Hello Warriors.

I've recently launched a travel blog and needs some help with SEO....

I would like to find a freelancer or small agency who can provide me with a good, reliable service, but there is just so many people out there and the whole SEO world is so tech that to a rookie it all just sounds like Jargon!

It would be great if some warriors could provide answers to the following...

1) How much should a small business / startup blog pay for SEO services on a monthly retainer?
2) If choosing a monthly retainer service then what should I be looking for from my SEO provider?
3) Does anyone know of a good, reliable and cheap SEO freelancer/agency to work with me?
4) Is it safe to give your wp-login details to an SEO agent whom you've never met before?

Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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    Well it totally depends on your budget. I see some small business owners spend only $500 per month and some other prefer even smaller $100.
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      What do you get for $100?

      Originally Posted by Steven Henry01 View Post

      If you only want to do SEO for your blog then $100 is enough. For monthly hiring get to proper monthly report and weekly report with including techniques, improvement n all things which you want to know.

      If you are interested to work with us, inbox me.
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        Not getting your question Mr. DABK.
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          Why that amount? Why not $76.37 or $224.81, for instance?

          Originally Posted by altechbizz1 View Post

          your budget should be 100-150$
          What do you buy for $100 SEO-wise that's useful? 1 backlink? Onpage optimization for 1 page?...

          Originally Posted by Steven Henry01 View Post

          Not getting your question Mr. DABK.
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    Agree with previous posts: everything depends on your budget. I can recommentd Market rats SEO company
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    In truth, you can do it yourself, which when starting out is really the best.

    Be sure to stay the heck away from SEO or backlinks from Fiverr. You can ruin your site in an instant.

    Here are a few tips:

    1. Study Brian Dean from Backlinko
    Read what he puts out, it's legit.

    2. Learn how to get quality outreach backlinks. These are from guest blogging, broken links, better content offers etc.

    3. If you want to spend a few bucks consult with a real SEO guy who's been around. It might cost you $300 to $500. However, you'll learn the things that will last you a lifetime.

    4. Once you have a system that's working. Find software to automate it, or hire VA's over seas to do the work for you for cheap.
    Free eBook =>
    The Secret To Success In Any Business
    Yes, Any Business!
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    So many good replies here and thanks to all for taking the time to respond to my query.
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      Not a worry Ryan, I am sure any of us SEO guys here would love to answer any questions that you have haha
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    your budget should be 100-150$
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    If you want to have a profitable blog, you need to learn how to do SEO by yourself.

    Check some authority sites (I recommend backlinko), watch some youtube videos and use Google to find what you need. You can learn everything.

    Also, be patient because SEO takes time.
    Check my affiliate marketing guide.
    I have published it for free on my site. If you need any help, contact me.
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    Go to blackhatworld, which before was called blackhatseo, and choose one of the best reviewd service, where the owner still respond.

    And test it.
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    Depends on your targets and the keywords you want to get ranked, even if your budget is low then the SEO individual will choose low competitive keywords from your list. As well for the blogs, you haven't a single targeted keyword, daily new blog posts, new keywords. In that case, you should focus on your content, generate low competitive blog posts, research the new topics from search volume and check if no one is written on the topic yet. Go for it!

    As well for the off-page, hire any content marketing agency to increase your blog awareness by promoting your site on relevant blogs by Guest Posting.

    This method will get you real and targeted visitors and as long as you are getting good links by the content marketing, it will be easy for your blog to get ranked on the new blog posts that you will publish.
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    You can do it yourself, at least in part. But it can be time-consuming trying to find opportunities, writing to bloggers, writing the blog post, and then getting a backlink. There are lists of blogs, but if you can see them so can a million other people. You have to do your own research and find the blogs.

    Or, you could pay someone to do this all for you. A few hundred a month would be normal. They should have an easier time of it because they would have already developed the connections, so the progress should be faster.

    I know how running a small business can be very time-consuming. It's up to you how you want to spend it.

    *The going rate for a crappy backlink is somewhere around $5-10, but a really good "dofollow" backlink could be $50-100. Then on premium sites, like Forbes, etc., you could be well into the $hundreds. Some charge a monthly rate, which ends up being worthless if you stop paying.
    Domains for sale - see
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      @tritrain We are offering a similar service, Guest Post with Blogger Outreach to get real do follow sites, you can read our process here: WSO
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    Big fan of just emailing 5 to 10 to 15 SEO agencies and asking for their rates. Seek out the reputable ones, and you will get a good idea of what you should pay. Go right to the source and you will be good to go.
    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Plan your budget first. I am sure you would have. I personally prefer Market rats SEO company. If you could give me the details of how much approximately, you need to spend we can suggest few companies.
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    $400 dollars a month is already a good deal.
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