Sub domains take away the pagerank/link juice of main website?

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Hi all,

I would like to know how sub domains will be collaborated with domain or main website in terms of authority, backlinks, link juice, etc...Link juice will be passed to sub domains from domain or vice versa? If there are large number of pages in sub domain, will that going to impact the ranking of main domain? Backlinks of sub domain are going to be a deciding factor for website ranking too?

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    Although I haven't tested it, I would imagine that subdomains are treated as separate entities. Imagine if all of the subdomains on WordPress took away from the main domain and leaked its authority.
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    You are overthinking this.

    Link juice and authority pass through links.

    Subdomains are not going to cause you to lose anything, but I would almost never, ever use them. You are better off using folders on your main domain unless you have a very specific need for subdomains.
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    Both Mike and Shaun are correct for different reasons.

    Subdomains are treated as completely different websites, so no authority flows between the main domain and subdomain in either direction.

    If you want authority to flow from one to the other - for instance, you have a blog - you would want that blog in a folder (directory) of your main domain. Authority DOES pass through internal links of a website to some extent. If it didn't, every time Amazon posted a new product, it would have to start from scratch like a new website and that product would not rank for a long time. Because that new product page is on a domain with a whole lot of authority, it ranks much faster.

    If you don't want authority flowing back and forth (the main domain has been penalized, for instance), putting new content in a subdirectory disassociates that new content from the content on the main domain, allowing it to rank better.
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