International Targeting | Language > 'en-nz' - no return tags

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Hi Warriors,

I am getting the following error message in my google webmaster tools...

International Targeting | Language > 'en-nz' - no return tags

There are ten URLs for my site and alternate URLs in 'en-nz' that do not have return tags.

HOWEVER, I now believe I don't actually needed to have this meta tag anyway. As my site is a site and targets New Zealand. Google knows that so the language tag is unneccessry.

I now want to delete it entirely...

BUT the PROBLEM is.. I can't remember where I inserted the meta tag. I can't find it anywhere. I have searched all my plugins and also the theme php files. The first place I looked was the header.php but it's not there.

Does anybody know of a method or way that I can find this tag so I can delete it?

I am completely stumped as to where it could be?

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