Beginners questions on cheap Tier 1 and Tier 2 Backlinks.

by Ona90
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I have a review site online. I will use affiliate links to monetize my site.
It's a month old site and I am willing to rank my website in google for certain keywords.

My seed keywords for some of my articles have very low keyword competition, and probably a few backlinks will push my articles on the first page of google.

However, as a newbie in SEO I have many questions:

The first question >> If I purchase cheap gigs from or for Tier 1 backlinks to my money site, will it be helpful?
What are the risks of purchasing cheap Tier 1 backlinks from fiverr?

The second question >> In case I use cheap $5 backlinks to my Web 2.0 site, and then use my
Web 2.0 site as the Tier 1 backlink for my money site, to drive link juice. Would it be a better strategy to use cheap gigs for my Tier 2 backlinks?
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    Neither strategy will work. Those backlinks are cheap for a reason. They don't work anymore.

    Real backlinks require real work and it all starts with having a page on your site that is so great, other sites are willing to send their visitors away from their site to yours. Then, it's about reaching out to those sites and getting them to link to yours. Anything short of that is a pretty worthless link.
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      Thanks for your reply Dave.

      I think it often works, except the only consequence is in case the website gets penalized by Google.
      I was thinking because if those cheap links really didn't work why would someone sell them and people buy them? What if I buy some links from .edu and .org sites?

      Your response is much appreciated.
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