How Do I delete unwanted backlink from my Blog profile?

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I want to delete unwanted backlink from my blog. I have seen 8.2 million external backlink on my blog from one website whick is huge and hampering my Blog. Is there any way I can delete these backlinks from my blog.
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    You can just use the webmasters tool to disavow them.
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    You can delete unwanted backlinks using your google webmaster tool. First, you have to download the sheet which is linking to your website links. From that you can select spam links and update it in notepad, then you can upload it to disavow link tool.
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  • Deleting all of them will require too much time, You can easily disavow them (as Google will not read them) by using google webmaster tool. Search for some online tutorials of how to disavow backlinks in Google search engine.
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    I doubt it is hampering anything.

    You probably were comment spamming. Your comment got picked up in a 'recent comments' widget and ended up on every page of the site at a time when whatever backlink checker you are using happened to crawl the site. Those links will fall off on their own as new comments are made.
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    Were you dropping links to other sites? Well just as the others have said, you can use webmasters.
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    Just disavow from the Google Webmaster and Use Link Removal Tool for webmaster website.
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    disavow the links from the Google Webmaster and Use Link Removal Tool for webmaster website.
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    This is one reason why it pays to leave in-depth, helpful, genuine comments only on top blogs.

    The links you get - and guest posting opportunities - will be of such a high quality that your DA will skyrocket and you'd never to want to delete these links. Stick to commenting on authority blogs, and building bonds with top bloggers. Awesome link juice will flow your way.
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    .go to cpanel or backend of ur sites (eq - wp admin) go to blog section then find ur blog section what u want to edit..then go to edit find hyperlink and remove it then update it..u can take help of seo yoast plugins
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