Is domain redirection a good method for SEO?

by jemee
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I have a question and need suggestion from you guys. I've searched for my question on Google but don't get exact information what I need. Maybe I can't search perfectly.
Let me explain my confusion:
I've checked backlink profile of a website. He is not using his main domain while doing comment backlink. He put his another domain while doing comment backlink. The another domain redirect to the main domain.

Why he use another domain while doing comment backlink?
Is it helpful to get better rank on Google?

Explanation: Main Domain =
Another Domain= (It redirect to
He just uses while doing comment backlink.

Thank You so much
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    You should study PBN(Private blogging Network).
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    First of all, let me be clear about it.

    Backlinks from comments just provide no-follow backlinks which doesn't pass any link juice so it doesn't help in anyway unless if you are looking for some referral traffic.

    And the least amount of blogs who do provide do-follow backlinks passes link juice equaling to zero. So, conclusion commenting isn't going to help you in any way to get ranked.
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    I have reason to believe that this oldschool redirecting method does still pass juice [whatever juice the strength of the link can offer], but it also throws up huge red flags and makes you an easy target for penalization in manual reviewing ...

    Many spammy tactics that worked 10 years ago still work today VERY WELL ... Googles search engine is based on rigid principles that are ultimately causing them to fade as more and more useful specialized applications for finding the info we want enter our grasp ...

    The thing one needs to realize about using apparently manipulative tactics in Google is that once one gets manually found out and penalized its near impossible to recover without starting over completely.

    In a general sense, whether its online or in real life, shady tactics always force the one who uses them to remain in the shade ...

    What i'm trying to say is many well known manipulative SEO tactics are working today just as good as they were long ago ... but once one gets found out and labeled , they end up in a much worse position than starting from baseline ...
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    Sure, it could potentially throw up a red flag if it is not implemented correctly.

    More to the point, there is no way that comment backlinks, alone, are going to propel any site, redirected or not, to the top of search results in a competitive niche. There had to have been a whole lot more going on for that re-directed site than comment backlinks if it is having an effect on the other site's rankings.
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    Well, I guess, he may be afraid of being penalized and is thinking like by redirection he may save himself using the redirecting link as a shield or something.

    Forget about it. Let me tell you something about comment backlinks:

    Yes, they still work wonders if done correctly.

    There are very few blogs or sites that provide a do-follow link for a comment, so I won't recommend you to expect link juice from this strategy.

    it is almost 2018 and link building for the sake of just link building is not that effective anymore.

    So what to expect then?

    Traffic, And the only way to bring real visitors is by providing value to the users.
    Add a comment that is extremely valuable, resourceful which makes people want to know more about you and the stuff you do.

    A single extremely valuable comment on a high traffic website is way way better than 100's of spammy comments on low quality site.

    It is better to think of a link building as a network building while being a real human, go out on different websites, make friendly comments, share valuable contents in different formats like videos, slides, visuals maybe audios. Be active on your social media, make a genuine following, respond to their quiries & questions. Work on improving social signals as well.

    I hope you got the idea of my post.
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      I agree, and this is why I was very careful to say that they will not move a website up in the search rankings. If the place you are leaving a comment is relevant, has good traffic and has the type of audience that could benefit from your website, by all means, leave a backlink if you can. The traffic could be very valuable. It's just not gong to do anything to help you rank better.
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    there is no need to put a link in your post to ask the question, thats quickest way to get banned here. I have removed the link.

    To answer your question, its because building backlinks like he is doing is dangerous, The theroy is when google detect what he is doing he can remove the redirect leaving his money site free from penalty.
    Its still quite a dangerous activity although he may get away with it for a while, sooner or later he will get caught.
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    Leave thoughtful and thought-provoking comments and you shouldn't need to worry about any penalty.
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    It's likely the other site is trying to use the redirects to mask their manipulative link building. (Which doesn't work, by the way.)

    Short answer - no this isn't a good idea.

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