How risky is it to change the homepage design of a website that's ranking on Page 1?

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The homepage of our site is No. 1 for a certain broad term on organic results. We are planning to update the text and and make small layout changes. No site architecture changes whatsoever. Is there a risk that we get a ranking drop should we proceed?

It's a branding vs SEO issue (as the current home page is not visually appealing and does not reflect brand identity). Just note though, rankings are more important to us.
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    It depends,

    Lets say you want to change the text, visuals ,sliders a little bit animation there and there, or mobile view/appearance etc.

    Thing which may get affected:

    Page Load Speed: If its get more fast and light on both mobile & desktop screens, you are good to go. A change of few seconds in a page load time may affect if you rank in competitive terms

    Bounce Back Ratio: If the site becomes more appealing and helps decrease the bounce back ratio of visitors, also easy to navigate on different pages may result in less exit users through home page. it may signal to google that things have gone a little better.

    Keywords: A little bit changes in content may not affect that much if it does relates to the basic keyword or niche you are ranking in, Google loves sites that updates their content frequently, so you are good to go until & unless your content don't reflect any big niche or keyword changes. Just improve it.

    There maybe many more points to consider but I can suggest you only these as per you mentioned concerns.

    Thank You.
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      Also you may notice a little decline in traffic after make the changes done, Don't worry about that, Google do that to evaluate your traffic and user satisfaction.
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    First of all, only one question. If your site is already ranking #1 on Google then why try to change it?
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    There is always going to be a risk when you start changing the layout and content of a page. It might improve. It might drop down. There is no way to guarantee there will not be a change.
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    very risky, I recommend hiring and SEO professional before changing it
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    I think it doesn't affect much of your SEO ranking. Because you're changing the site better for end users and Google know that.
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    It will affect your ranking firstly.But i believe your site will be back No.1 sooner or later.Google loves the site which brings the awesome UX to users
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    No it doesn't impact if the new homepage design of a website is great
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    You rank may decrease if you do this. (I have tried this so I am telling this.)
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    If you don't change the content, it would not make much difference.
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    Yeah, same question here - why changing it when already number 1 anyways?
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