Keyword position is same as it was before, but there is traffic drop upto 30%

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What should i assume when there is no change in Search position but there is drop in traffic?

My keyword X has 1500 pageviews last week, but has 1000 pageviews this week at the same position, then should i assume that it is because of seasonal traffic drop? Or there can be any other reason as well. Please help, this is also happening with my other pages.
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    Pageviews does not mean how many visitors the keyword brought in. Some could searcd for the keyword, find your page, but then visit 4 other pages on the site. That is going to account for 5 pageviews from that one visitor.
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      Nop, actually i mean to say that my organic traffic is going down, not only page views.
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        solutionfall is my website, can you help me please?
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    You should check the User or Session metric instead of Pageviews.
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    i have already checked, even they are also started decreasing.
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    There are a few possibilities...

    1) More of the search traffic from that keyword is showing up in the (not provided) data instead of directly under the keyword.

    2) Your rankings may have changed in some areas. You cannot track rankings everywhere. The SERPs are not static across the globe.

    3) Fewer people have performed that search this month than last month.
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    There may be a few reasons to it :-

    1.) Use a location based server to check rankings again.

    2.) Search trraffic to that particular keyword is in not provided section of google anlytics.

    3.) Watch out your social media interaction with users again
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