Which technique should be used to keep up the high-ranked keyword?

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I have my keyword ranking from 8th to 2nd right now. Since SEO is a continuous process, what should I do now to make it stable higher for long?
Here is my keyword: Denver Personal Injury Attorney
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    Whats the current ROI %
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    Keep getting more, high quality backlinks.
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      Can you suggest me some great sites which is driving traffic for you and are high authority ones? So I can double check if they are included in my list to keep up my high-rank
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    making high quality back links,work on your content added on website
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    My all webpages are well-linked internally
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    For high ranked keyword you can do lots of things, some of them are below:

    >You can connected with various social media sites.
    >Research your keywords, so that you can know about your keyword position.
    >Search your keywords not only in google search engine you can also search your keywords with other search engine, then it'll give you some concept about your keywords
    >You can post your content in different bog sites and anchor keywords, so that it can be ranked up.

    So,these are some techniques that can be ranked up keywords.
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    making high quality back links
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    Focus on Long-Tail Keyword Rankings
    Group and organize keywords
    Useful, high quality, relevant content
    Page load speed
    Image optimization
    Header tags
    Outbound links
    Site architecture and navigation
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    Its very simply to check out audit the page on regular basis that mainly includes the page speed and issues on that particular page that is getting ranked. Apart from that you should continue building quality backlinks for the page
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    You should keep working to get some high quality backlinks that will help to retain your spot in search engines.
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    you can create quality backings by submitting your site on classified ads, social bookmarking, artical submission, guest postings etc. This will help you to rank your website and make it stable.
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    One of the best and easiest things you can do is to keep adding new content to the article. If you're connected to Google, go into your account and see what keywords your ranking for ideas on what to write. Then take each keyword and write a short paragraph and add it to the end of the article or where it will make sense. Then get Google to recrawl the page. Then one day you will have the very best content on the subject.
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    Originally Posted by Eve Jones View Post

    I have my keyword ranking from 8th to 2nd right now. Since SEO is a continuous process, what should I do now to make it stable higher for long?
    Here is my keyword: Denver Personal Injury Attorney
    You are organically ranking well for "Denver" the issue I see is probably technically for Google, the office is really in "Glendale". Within the 5 pack for Denver, your page is on page 2 in the 5 pack "more places" listings. Doesnt even exist in the Glendale listings at all.

    You need to understand with local search location is a big deal,and by location alone, i doubt you will ever break into the "Denver" 5 pack. I would focus more on the actual location and make a go of that. This means you need to start adding some content that includes "Glendale"

    Here is something you can do - assuming you actually live in or around Denver. goto the door step of the office and on a mobile device google "Asian food" or something, and see what 3 / 5 pack address's are. If you really want to understand the geo structure of this location you can use your phone and figure out basically the boundaries for each geo location Glandale vs Denver Vs Aurora Vs Edgewater vs Lakewood vs Englewood vs Arvada. Having a grid to work with better helps you actually geo target your clients....

    Just because you have a #1 or #2 organic position doesnt mean you are actually helping any... trust me it doesnt hurt, but the fact is there is what 4 ads and a 5 pack listed above your clients.. even at #1, you are listed 10th on the page.

    You need to work towards getting in the 3 / 5 packs, and you need to broaden your keyword targeting to match the Geo zones around you.

    Hope that Helps
    Success is an ACT not an idea
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      the BEST reply. though this thread isn't posted by your answer is very useful to me.

      i m sure that Eve Jones will find it useful Eve Jones.
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    Work on high quality backlinks
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    To get backlinks from high authority website is best SEO strategy to rank it higher in Google.
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    I made an website called downiz with all these factors but the long content still the hard part
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    be honest, if you got it there with white hat strategies then you'll be able to keep it there with white hat strategies.

    Good links

    good content

    Regular media mentions and guest posts.

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    Keep getting more, high quality backlinks.
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    Do classified Ads, Social Bookmarking, Forums chat. Articles submission, Blog posting on regular basis this will help your site to remain stable on google ranking.
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    A ranking is all about cumulative work of on page as well as off page SEO. Where the basic tactics include the following-
    a)Content- It's your USP as well as one of the fastest ways to get the majority of backlinks on your landing page.
    b)Proper work on the meta tag, meta description as well as the meta title.
    c) A website should be responsive enough.
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    search new sites for which activities you do.
    check DA of those sites and if it is good, start working on it.
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    Keep getting more, high quality backlinks.
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    first, congrats you got ranked on the second spot of google.. if you want to retain that top spot you have to get consistant CTR that you are currently getting..check with the search engine console what CTR getting for that perticular url.
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    Hi, Eve,

    Some things we did (in content management) to maintain our own keyword positions/traffic were to:

    1. Keep building links to our priority page. In your case, you want to look for opportunities to build links to your homepage. Look to get your site featured on review pages, Better Business Bureau, local news, etc. Guest post to relevant blogs, submit articles to trade blogs, participate in crowdsourced content, etc.

    2. Continuously participated in interviews (written or in audio/video format). There are tons of podcast channels, expert roundups, and other blogs that like to feature entrepreneurs/startups/businesses and add a backlink to the interviewee's site. You can start prospecting for leads like this and reach out to contribute.

    3. Answer questions in trade forums. Quora, for example, has given some good referral traffic.

    4. Continuously update content. Not just text, but also the design, UI, other on-page elements.

    5. Tiered link building - where you make sure your prio page is always linked to in your other articles, whether in contextual links within the blog post or in other elements such as a Read More, Related Stories, or Stories You May Be Interested in section.
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  • You should Focus on very rich quality backlinks.
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    you have to generate more dofollow links with high linkjuice.
    the more you get backlinks to your site it increases LIS score and your keywords will rank higher
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