Any youtube channel or any source to learn on page and off page seo practically??

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youtube channel or any source to learn SEO.
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    Yes, there are so many Youtube channels, where you can watch practical tutorials and learn updated tactics and strategies of On-page & Off-page SEO.
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    Youtube channels ain't much do to help.

    For on-page activity follow Moz Blog, DailyBlogTips or Problogger.

    And for off-page activity try Backlinko Blog. Its one of the best.
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    Little bit of research at Google will find you bunch of free tutorials/practices/youtube channels/blog posts available. Try Moz/Webmaster World these are my favorites.
    And you can find solutions for your other technical related queries at various forums.
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    Neil Patel
    Brian Dean
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    There are some youtube channel those can work very well for learning seo, some of them are below:

    >Seo Academy
    >Peter Mead
    >Jesse Hanley
    >Everspark Interactive and so on.

    These are some youtube channel which are very useful to learn seo. Hope this might be helpful for you.
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    there are many channels available
    you can check moz, neilpatel chanels
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    Neil Patel & Kissmetrics blogs will provide you with the best techniques to learn SEO practically, On-page as well as Off-page optimization.
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    Read some blogs to stay updated :-
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    You are right. If have to learn SEO practically and through experiments. Theoretical knowledge is not useful.
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  • you can start reading backlinko, neil patil, and start following top influencers in the industry. There are many blog posts of these people that contain ample of information that will make you a good seo. You can practice there tips on your own website or you can take a freelance project for practical practice.
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    Hey Warrior

    There are many YouTube channels and blogs you can visit and follow to learn the best SEO tips and tricks.

    My personal favourite is Neil Patel, Moz Blog, Backlinko, CoSchedule and others. A quick Google search will help you find the best online mentors easily.

    A personal suggestion would be to try and read (or watch) a few tutorials and select at most 3 you find best for you.

    Good luck learning friend!
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    There are many articles on Google and many videos of digital marketing training.You can also refer Search Engine Journal(SEJ), it will help you to learn many things about SEO
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    Try Brian Deans channel and his blog in general. It has great information. backlinko dot com

    Create beautiful opt-in forms, viral quizzes, and high converting landing pages to build a responsive email list in the tens of thousands. Get early access to the beta

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  • Not only YouTube but one may try others as well for videos. YouTube is most popular in the world and helps many other sites as well and all together make media like we find videos in and we find same at YouTube and vimeo as well.
    However, YouTube being the world's biggest source of videos to the viewers world wide, it also support other players in the market. Someway it can be said that YouTube, which belongs to Google is like an umbrella for all video sites.
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    Read MOZ blog and look up chase rainer on youtube to get a good intro into SEO
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    Yes, There are many youtube channels are available which can give you step by step knowledge.
    After the youtube you can read some blogs of SEO. It helps to clear your all doubts.
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    Those SEO videos will show you only the basics but to learn SEO for real you will need a lot of time and practice. It is true that on Youtube you can learn a lot
    but in general this is only a small part from the huge SEO ocean.
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