Huge volume with a 0.05c general keyword? What to DO?

by kal-el
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Hi guys,
I have a question:
* All that stats are based on Google's keywords tool (so everything is roughly based).

Lets say you found a keyword that costs 5c per click ( roughly based) and has a lot of traffic (20,000+ per month) on Google. You search for that keyword (broad match) and find only 3-4 ads displaying.

Now the keyword is general lets say "causes for me being fat" (now assume it costs 5c and has over 20,000 searches).

Now you sell some kind of weight loss products (****, some kind of weight loss ebook or what ever). You create a special landing page and ad, so your quality score is the average 7 or something (decent). Do you think that traffic will convert enough to make that huge search volume profitable ?

I mean thats what the superaffiliate say no? find a lot of cheap traffic and an offer that converts well....

Just wondering...

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