New Subdomain on Old Site vs. Brand-New Site?

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I am a longtime fan of Warrior Forum but I've been out of the game a bit the past few years post kids. I have an idea I really want to run with this year. Call it a bit of New Year's inspiration I guess. I'm passionate about it and I think I can make something for my audience that will help their lives in some ways. This feels different than almost all of my other business ideas and brainstorms.

The question is - do I create a subdomain and build off of an existing site that's established with a small bit of traffic, though it's been hit by algorithm after algorithm and I haven't maintained it so much over the years since having kids... (The site still makes maybe a few hundred dollars a year, total.) I have a Facebook page, newsletter list, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. for this domain but they are essentially "inactive" at this point. Of course, it wouldn't take a tremendous amount of effort to start posting again...

OR do I simply start over totally from scratch and build from the ground up? New domain, new social, etc.

I like the name of my existing site quite a bit and it's pretty flexible to fit what I need it to be. The other name I liked a lot when I thought of it but it is a bit long... may still work. I mean it certainly isn't as catchy as say, Facebook or Instagram, but I don't really know how much hemming and hawing I should really do over this name thing rather than just getting started...

Are there any pluses to having a subdomain? Or starting from scratch? Anything that would scare you away from one or the other? Any and all thoughts and advice much appreciated! Happy New Year, all!
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    I quote from an authority on the subject:

    "Based on past analytics and Google updates, a subdomain on a well branded domain is better than a new domain. The subdomain will have the links and the branded domain. Plus, a subdomain will protect the site from future updates (many of the past updates have targeted less well-known domains with fewer links)."

    The above assumes that your original domain is in good order on G's eyes and suffers no penalties. If you are after a fresh start then obviously a new domain is a good option
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    Some people say that a subdomain is good because it still has some metrics but I personally go with a new domain
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    I'm not sure what the question really is here. Build what, exactly, on a new site or on a subdomain (or in a directory of the old site, for that matter)? A blog? An eCommerce site? An affiliate site?

    I also don't know what "has been hit with algorithm after algorithm" means? Every site is hit by algorithms every day. Are you saying the old site is buried in the rankings because of all the bad things that were done in its previous life?

    What type of site is the old one (blog/eCommerce/affiliate)? Has it been PENALIZED by algorithms and/or manual penalties? What type of site is the new one (blog/eCommerce/affiliate)? Are they in any way related to each other in terms of the subject matter/products?

    There is absolutely no way to answer your question without knowing those things, at bare minimum.
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