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by Gee S
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OK so I've been working on my adsense blog following some threads in this forum.

But I'm planning on using only a few quality content driven sites rather than having a lot of sites. I'm using Wordpress as my platform.

My plan is as follow, let me know what you think:

- Have 5 keywords and create 5 "pages", one for each keyword.

- Make posts regularly on each of these keywords and link back to its related "page".

- I'm using and Onlywire to get backlinks to my posts automatically everytime I make a post

- Submitted to 90+ RSS directories

- Pinging my post each time a post is made (set up in WP)

- Now I plan to build backlinks to my "pages" as these are the ones that I want to rank in the SERPS using methods such as article directories, profile links, video, bookmarking etc, so I get a range of links. This will be done over time, and not get a rush of links too fast.

I'm just wondering how useful it is building links to my posts and then internally linking these to my pages? What kind of effect will this have on the "pages" that I want to rank in the SERPS. Will it give my "pages" more authority?

Thanks in advance for any advice and critiques.

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    Hi there, in my opinion internal cross linking carries some weight so you should get some benefit from linking your posts to your pages.

    Then just do the normal backlink building to the pages and you will get rankings depending on the competition and how much work is involved.
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    So by building links to my posts, and then linking posts to pages this should have a positive effect? I'm hoping this internal linking structure won't harm my site in any way.

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    The cross linking is something to really pay attention to.

    You should have your index page link to your subpag (keyphrase page). and have the same link on your keyphrase page, but have it link to your main page.

    Check out any of the sites i currently have for sale for examples on this. It allows you to get double listings in google, instead of just a single listing...pretty awesome IMO.
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    Hey Amerigo,

    Thanks thats something i'll look into.

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    Hey Steve,

    I think you may have misunderstood. In Wordpress you can have posts and pages. So my site will have plenty of websites posts and just the 5 pages, the post count could eventually go into the hundreds. But the main focus is on getting my "pages" higher in the SERPS. I'm just making sure there won't be any negative effects on my website by using the method I outlined.

    Thanks for the input.

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