Forum traffic - referral or organic?

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I learned that forum traffic is referral but I just wanted to make it sure by asking the pros here. In fact, I have a few more questions to ask since I'm relatively new to the SEO industry.

1. Will the traffic falsely show up as organic traffic in GA?
2. Under what circumstances should forum posting be used as a strategy for link-building? Would you use it if you get
(i) a fresh client with 0 backlinks?
(ii) clients with say, 1k unique visitors per month and a number of target keywords ranking, and <1k backlinks?
(iii) established clients [high traffic, more than 2k backlinks and many target keywords ranking]?
3. How effective is Quora for driving traffic provided that you've maintained a profile and increased the followers' count as opposed to maintaining profiles in forums?
4. What's your opinion on a web 2.0 such as Tumblr for building traffic? Heard that if a number of people reblog, it greatly increases the visibility of posts that you share.

I noticed that forum posting appears to be useful in increasing keyword rankings but is there any point in building too many forum links? [refering to contextual links more than just signature links]

That would be all, for now. Thanks for taking the time to read.
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