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I have blog of tour and travel and my keyword is Jungle tours in India, Rajasthan India tours, Gujarat tour in india, Golden triangle tour in India I want to promote my business and keyword on google how can i do
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    Start promoting your blog in the travel forums worldwide. I am sure you will gain some exposure (with knowledge how to promote) and also try social media travel groups.
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    Forum Management & Promotion, SEO Tips, Money Making tips etc.
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      how to start promotion on my classified website
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        Blog can be promoted through:
        a) indexing in different webmasters - it would be great to use Yoast Plugin (Bing, Google, other webmaster for these goals);
        b) Promoting content through social media (the most effective is Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.);
        c) Guest blogging;
        d) Youtube promotion;
        e) Google Adwords;
        f) Yoast Plugin and its opportunities.
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  • thanks for giving idea for my blog
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    There are so many methods exist and those are really works for promote blog, such as:

    >You can start a blog, where will include all information about your site.
    >Nowadays most of the people use youtube so it can be a great platform about promote blog.
    >Share your blog link in different social media sites, which will take more traffic to your site.
    >You can post your content in different community so that people can know about your blog.
    >You can register your site with google my business it is also helpful for a website.
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    For promoting your business blog, you can follow below things:
    • Make page for your business blog at social platform & build good network.
    • After that, share your blog posts on that page, it will help to aware people about your business blog .
    • Submit your business blog url in good quality blog directories.
    • Take participate in the discussion where discussion based on tour and travel (as per you local niche) is going and if there is any requirement to provide your blog post's url for better understanding then provide it.
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    You can promote your business blog with the help of social media
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    *Write content about the tours and travel with including your keywords "Jungle tours in India, Rajasthan India tours, Gujarat tour in india, Golden triangle tour in India" and post it regularly in your website.
    *Submit those content to all the tour and travel related blog submission websites.
    *Reach out some travel bloggers and let them know your new travel content and ask them to post it on their blog.
    *Share your website and blog content on various social network sites and bookmarking sites.
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    you can also do blog commenting on travel-related blogs
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    Since you have a travel blog, you better know the areas where your target audience is. Social Media groups dedicated to traveling will work better.
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    You Can Do The Following Things
    1 Social Bookmarking
    2 PPT Creation
    3 PDF creation
    4 Influencer Outreaching
    5 vedio creation
    6 social media
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    Do promote in Travel Forums and Social Media u will get good Result.
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    Use social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to get started receiving some traffic. Later can do SEO.
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    You can promote your blog by sharing on social media site or forum site in signature
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    Here are some way to promote your business blog.

    1. Social media profiles
    2. Connect with other bloggers
    3. Create quality content
    4. Follow basic SEO practices
    5. Social media share buttons

    Hope it helps you.
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    Go to where your customers like to hang out. Guest post on travel-related sites. Guest listed in various local map and review sites, including Google Business. Make sure you have a website that can be read in the various common languages of your customers. Advertise.
    Domains for sale - see
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    Jungle tours in India! That's super interesting.

    The best way to promote that would be to set up a page with a bunch of pictures from India's jungle (get yourself really nice pictures) and then share your pictures online to get links back to the page / site.

    That way, you'll get a lot of natural incoming links for your site.

    You can get do-follow links from many stock photography websites but don't limit yourself to that.... and get no-follow links from places like Reddit, Pinterest, etc.

    Consider putting together small videos of the location / tours and put them on Youtube (also give yourself links back).

    Now you have a solid foundation.

    Then start a contest where you give away a free tour. Publicize it on contest sites and local/regional sites (that might be interested in the tour) and you'll get links.

    After that, create a viral story about one of the tours (what's the craziest thing that ever happened on a tour?) and publish that piece of content. Share it like crazy for a ton of links.

    This should help you get started!

    Get The List Of 147 Backlinks That Will Explode Your Google Traffic In 2018

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    You can submit your blog URL in different stablish site and also get help by social midea groups.
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    Best Ways to promote your blog in Articles, and blog comments websites, submit you aritcles, blogs in high page authority and domain authority sites list
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    • Go for business listing
    • Classifieds
    • PRs
    • Social Media


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    The best way is to promote your business in social media sites and do listings or else you can go for paid things.
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    First, you should focus on content then try to focus on social media platforms with SEO. after that, try to run ppc on your blog.
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    Start promoting your blog on tourism related niche and you can also submit your blog links to social bookmarking sites.
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    You can use
    Social Bookmarking
    Directory submission
    Social sharing and So on.....
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    Make your site optimal for both Search Engine Bots & for Audience. If you have a local address of your office you can try some local/business listings (in Google Maps Listing also). Also try to engage yourself widely at various social media platforms & categorized forums. Connect with people, advertise more and Yes post relevant, unique & fresh content for audience.
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    start promoting these keywords on social media platforms. Link your blogs to the related websites and create the usernames using these keywords. You should have different accounts for the required keyword and start posting. Also, use images for Social media and use hashtags and promote them.
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    After having your site be active and running, you need to promote it in order to get visitors as well as traffic. There're many ways you can do to promote your site and get traffic, on both free methods and paid methods.

    Free methods such as Doing SEO, Social Media Content sharing, Youtube sharing, Facebook Content (Fanpage, Group), Twitter, Google+, Pinterest,...and many other channels that give you free using and promotions

    Paid methods such as Doing SEM such as Google Adwords, GDN, Solo ads, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, banner ads,...

    So that, it depends on your budgets then you choose which methods can give you the most effective. Or you need to combine between free & paid methods in order to get the highest effective results

    I hope this helps.
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