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Recently I noticed drop in Organic traffic, GWT given some indication of lot of backlinks in short period of time. The links are mostly from sites based on autoblogging, un natural anchor text or duplicate content.
Most of the sites have either no contact page or did not respond...
WHeather these links are spammy..?
If yes then is there any other way to remove these links.
Any precautions to avoid such kind of links in future.
By the way,I am considering to submit disavow file to GOOGLE.
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    Aside from the disavow tool, you can use SEMRush or AHrefs for an audit on your backlinks. With these tools, you can monitor your links and delete all those links that give you negative SEO. To avoid these problems again, make a list of those toxic domains and disavow them. After that, make it your habit to always audit your site.

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    Quality backlinks are still a strong signal to get top rank in SEO results recently we observed that one of our website lost or plunged its ranking due due to lack of quality backlinks and lack of regular updates in the website seo. We use to get multiple spammy backlinks from blogs which we had commented our anchor tags in those websites so as per my observation it's better not to go for Blog commenting which is observed in our experience. Coming to your scenario better you wait for sometime at least 6 months to 1 year then you can see some progress because Google will take some time to update its records or indexing surely your issue will be solved if you try to get quality backlinks rather than focusing on unlimited low quality backlinks.
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      Thanks for your kind suggestions.I will surely follow and wait for its ranking again.
      From GWT it is clear that the organic traffic has start to drop from November 2017. And now it has dropped upto 70 precent.
      I have submitted disavow file and so......
      Only wait
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    Submit a disavowal file. Of course, it is unlikely to help much because their algorithm is now supposed to just ignore bad links. The only time it really SHOULD be necessary to disavow links is when you have received a notice of a manual Google penalty through your Search Console account.

    If they truly are bad links, you might as well disavow them now so that you don't have to wait for that shoe to potentially drop. Just be certain that those links are truly bad ones or you could wind up hurting your site's rankings even more.

    You shouldn't need a tool to tell you if something is spammy. Is it a link you could place yourself without the site owner doing it? Is it on a site with nothing but illiterate spammy content with no central theme? Is it on a site that is totally unrelated to yours? If the answer is "yes" to any of those questions, disavow the links if attempts at getting the sites to remove them have failed.
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      Thanks for your kind words,actually as told earlier most of the backlinks are from irrelevant sites, so I have submitted a disavow file to GWT. It is worth mentioning that Google has took notice and has removed nearly 15 domains until now.
      Hope so there will be positive change.
      Want to ask one thing that how long it will take to regain organic traffic to previous one level also is there any way to improve rankings for organic traffic rapidly.
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        There is no guarantee that it will reach the previous level. Some of those links may have been helping with ranking temporarily until they were discovered to be bad ones.

        No matter what happens, you should continue trying to get good links - ones that you cannot place yourself on solid websites that are somehow related to yours (even if just slightly).
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    use ahrefs tool to diagnose your all spamy back links and update in Google webmaster through disavow file.
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