Do back-links from Facebook page have an effect on ranking?

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I have a small niche blog on a local language and a Facebook page for it as well.
Since one year till now I post on the Facebook page roughly 2 times a week an article.

Yet 2 weeks ago I made some changes in the structure of the posts on my site (it is on WordPress). I changed the perma links structure from domain . com/%post%/ to domain . com/%category%/%post%
and so all my back links from other sites stopped working and therefore my SERP rankings dropped immediately.
Those backlinks that I had access to (like on forums or on some directory sites) I managed to fix, the others I redirected.

So now my question is about the broken backlinks on my facebook page. They are about 100.

What would be the best strategy? Should I delete them and repost them again, because this is what I plan to do. Is there a better way to handle them? Do they affect SEO at all?

Thank you.
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    Yes its gettting effected on ranking.because you bet a backlins to yue website.
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    Facebook or any other social networking site provides no-follow links so they don't effect the SERP's in any way.

    The best you can do is get some referral traffic and brand exposure out of it.
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    Don't worry, they are no-follow links so they won't affect your rank on SERP too much
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  • Yes definitely it has impact on ranking because social websites provides us the quality backlinks although those are no-follow link but we will get the website traffic.
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    Facebook page won't affect your rank on SERP
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    Quite controversial opinions. After all I decided that I will re post all my posts leading to a content page and will delete the old posts with broken links to the website.
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    Actually as a social media facebook is a platform where making backlinks are so easy, but here backlinks links are in no follow links, so it wont be so problematic. But, if it did happen in do follow links then it can be a problem.
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    Well, almost all social media sites give you no-follow back link but it would be effective, if your post is viral on social media because traffic also matters a lot.
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