Fresher Content Get Higher Rank?

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What do you think about fresher content? Is it helpful for ranking boost? Have you ever faced the situation? I guess no!
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    If you produce extremely unique content than you can rank easily. Otherwise, you will need backlinks to rank you up.
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    • Can you provide me a few examples of extremely unique content? So, I can grab the ideas.
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        DABK is awesome.

        Publish the above on your site. It will rank ! for DABK is awesome as soon as the page gets indexed.

        Originally Posted by General Tausif Al Hossain View Post

        Can you provide me a few examples of extremely unique content? So, I can grab the ideas.
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      Yeah, i totally agree with you, but not for fresh only, also need to be less search in google search engine, otherwise top rank keyword works with only top ranked website.
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    It depends on the content, for some niches (like news, viral things etc) content freshness has major importance and thus will rank high, but in most niches, content freshness means nothing unless user search for fresh content mentioning that in keyword (example 2018) or setting up search filters.
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    Unique,fresh and relevant content will always boost the ranking of the website.So keep submitting unique and fresh content around the topic and enhance the ranking of the keywords.
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    Of course, No doubt on this. Refreshing the content can get higher rank and traffic.
    I had an experience rank dropping while doing SEO without blog integration on the website. Since that was no situation to update the fresh content over. After done, the ranking is gradually increased.
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    If you write an article exclusively on a new keyword or long tail keyword, chances are you easily rank high!
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    Sometimes you can rank very good with fresh content (some days) but if you have quality old content it ages like a good bottle of wine.

    Hope it helps you.
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    Yes unique content helps you get good rank on Search Engines, but need to be follow some things:

    1. Unique & Rich Content
    2. Keyword density should be good
    3. Keyword should be included in Content
    4. Content should be informative which helps you to engage with users
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    Maximize the presence of your website and learn about the reasons why publishing frequent, fresh content to your site will help you reap higher rankings with Google.
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    Fresher content and you need random interlink between posts, page. It will help increase ranking in Search Engine.
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    yes, fresh content is important for rank any keyword.
    Maybe your forget, promotion is a huge part of SEO.
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    It will work for sure even if you update old posts.
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    Unless you're a news site, your strategy shouldn't be focused around fresh content all the time. I mean, the more content you have, the more opportunities there are to rank.

    If you don't have links or an audience then all that content is falling on deaf ears. No, fresh content is only a very small part of ranking in Googles algorithm.
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    Providing quality content definitely has benefits for your website. SEO and content quality are forever intertwined. Content is a necessary part of SEO. Websites that provide quality content consistently rank higher in search engine results. The links that are earned with quality content also helps with SEO because those links show you're an authority on the subject or field and show your website visitors that you can be trusted.
    Unique, relevant content is a great way to show your expertise and knowledge about your business. The more website visitors can trust you; the more likely they are to want to do business with you. More business means more revenue for your business.
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    Only fresh content will not help.. Along with that content should be informative and should be written from users perspective..
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