How to write so that people want to backlink to you?

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I was wondering how do you write to get people to backlink to you.
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    writing what?

    There is no magic formula, people will link to content that's providing something useful. Ask yourself what do you link to?
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    this is a big question you can do a lot of things like finding a subject that people share and much more..
    I suggest you read this article
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      there you have live example of how to write so others link to you.
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      Yes, the Skyscraper technique is certainly the best one for creating content that is proven to be popular. Be sure to go one step further than just looking to see what was popular on social networks; though, check out the actual article pages and see how many backlinks that particular page got. Then, you will really know how many links are possible and also know the sites to contact to get those links.
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    You should have live examples of your work so that they will trust you. Building your reputation is important too. Make sure that your site's content is high quality so that other sites would want to be associated with your site.

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    It's not so much how you write. It's about the content you deliver.

    Slap the term "linkbait" into Google and look for examples.



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    Here is a little secret. Chances are 99.9% of people are never going to want to link to you no matter what you write, and of the ones that do, most of those won't even own a website of their own or if they do it won't be a related site, so they won't be linking to you anyhow.

    If you want links, you are going to have to actively pursue link opportunities.
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    I your content is strong & people like the answers that you reply in their posts they will surely DO_FOLLOW you
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  • DUDE! No one is going to link you or your website going to earn backlinks. Yes, it will be, but you know when? When you will be a big brand, everyone will do so. Otherwise there's 0.01% opportunity to get that. Make your brand sooo big first, then wait for it. Otherwise, start to create links manually. Don't dream about it, if you are new in industry.
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    Backlinks are things that have to be gained with content quality.

    BUT you can simply go to some seo services, like in bhw, and buy some backlinkin service at affordable price.
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    I usually start by asking a question about one of there most popular posts on the website. Do not mention your site or anything about back linking.

    If/when they reply, thank them for the response and then ask them what they think about your website. Then ask them if they like it, to share it.

    I never ask for a backlink directly.
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    Your blog needs to be optimized .You need good on page seo, like good mata tag description,a keyword or 2 in your headline, good content and fast page load speed.

    Now off page seo is basically what everyone else tells Google about your site. So whenever your content gets shared Google receives social signals.Domain authority and brand emotions are significant too.
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    You provide genuinely valuable content, network with people in your niche and work hard.
    No secret source there. This is the core. Everything else is just specifics.
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    For this, you have to write user friendly content that inspires your readers.
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    First, you need to understand why should anyone link to you.if your content is not useful for anyone why people linked to you.

    Before promote your content or website, you need to concern about your content. if you create useful information content which help or useful for someone then williingly use your website link to your website.
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    People will link to you if you write valuable and helpful content. Unique content is awesome too. You can also write something that has been written before by others but put it a unique twist to it.
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    Write to add value to end users. Before writing on any topic just put yourself into readers shoes and think about what reader would be expecting. Any useful content attracts lot of backlinks and social signals!
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    The notion that you can write authoritative content, or content more comprehensive than anyone else's, to attract authoritative links is absurd.

    People will link based on two factors:

    1. Uniqueness eg you've written about something no-one else has
    2. Visibility eg to link to you they have to be able to find your content

    There are millions of MASSIVELY authoritative articles which never deliver a ROI on time invested from a total number of links accumulated perspective.

    Why? Because the content is just a rehash of other content available everywhere else or decision-makers don't spot the content.

    As you're not a 'connected' person (like the rest of us) - eg real life, valuable connections, not social media connections - you have to ask yourself the following:

    1. What do webmasters - not users - want?
    2. Where do webmasters go to find what they want?

    What do IMPORTANT webmasters (eg people who own valuable websites) want? Well, look at what they link to in the greatest quantity.

    More often than not it is NOT the latest 'ultimate guide' about whatever; such guides are more about salesmanship that genuine value - they want to create the impression of value rather than actual value.

    They want the user to look at the size of the page - not what it contains - and think what every human thinks when they see something big: 'wow, that's worth buying.'

    It's only an impression though, it's not actual value.

    IMPORTANT webmasters with actual value to pass onto your website are more interested in what's new. Media websites are a good example, and what do media websites link to more than anything else?

    Statistics (and unique research). I haven't done any research on this, however from common sense and reading a lot of content on very popular media websites, they are always linking to statistics.

    Media websites don't want to tell their users everything - in fact that's the last thing they want to do - they want to tell their users as little as possible in the quickest timeframe possible.

    That's what news is. That's why, as far as I'm concerned, the best way to attract links is to make yourself visible to webmasters (not users or people). As far as link acquisition is concerned the webmaster, not the user, is your target audience.

    How do you make yourself visible to important webmasters? Send them tips on stories, get included on Google News (this is the best tactic), create unique research (conduct surveys) and sign up to HARO.

    Then what? Create lots of content that's geared to creating the value webmasters need - and publish it through Google News.

    Aside from this, the only other 'tactic' I would recommend is guest posting on supremely authoritative websites. By 'supremely' I'm referring to brands like Adobe, Forbes or Business Insider (they all accept guest posts).

    If you're going to do this make sure you link to tons of other resources in the post - and make sure the content is beyond top-notch.
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    There are several ways to get backlinks. But this one way I learned from my own experience is that writing really long blog posts.

    Blog posts around 2000+ words are best. Writing a 2000+ words blog post, that is super detailed and educational about the topic, will automatically rank for many long tail keywords.

    Hence, having a long, very helpful article will interest people to share and other bloggers will link back to you.

    I think in 2018 this is one of the best technique you should utilize. It requires some time to get backlinks using this process but you will build backlinks organically and you will rank for the keyword on your desired SERP.

    The key here is to write long articles and patiently wait.

    Also, use the KGR technique to write your articles. KGR will allow you to rank faster for specific keywords.

    I have seen these two methods work so much better for ranking blog posts. I applied these techniques to my own websites as well as for my clients. Results were always satisfactory.
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  • The broken-link building method. ...
    Backlinks through infographics. ...
    The advantage of guest articles. ...
    Spy on your competitors. ...
    Build internal links. ...
    Promote your content. ...
    Write testimonials. ...
    Contact journalists and important bloggers.
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    You have to write the content that grabs the attention of people. Stuff the keywords in your content.
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    1: practice writing offline daily
    2: publish 2-3 helpful posts weekly
    3: make friends by promoting bloggers in your niche

    Blogging buddies link to your valuable content.
    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    • Interesting, what is writing offline? This would be like commenting on other blogs and forums in order to gain traction?
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        Originally Posted by Fabricio Guerrero View Post

        Interesting, what is writing offline? This would be like commenting on other blogs and forums in order to gain traction?
        Actually it's just opening a Word document and writing on your chosen blogging niche. Practice writing offline to develop your writing voice; like practicing in the shadows to shine when the bright lights shine on you....aka, when you publish your next blog post.
        Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    I think you should be writing in depth content that answers your readers questions which shows that your site produces quality. Over all it is the quality of your content plays a big roll .
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    You should have quality content that inspires your reader. That is beneficial to read, and original content always becomes favorite. Your content should be interesting and engaging that reader can find it useful.
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    Use a guest blog to reach new people. publish articles on popular websites, you will get new readers . by doing this you get backlink also will improve your online reputation on social media.
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    Originally Posted by shally87 View Post

    I was wondering how do you write to get people to backlink to you.
    How about to write something
    • memorable
    • absorbing
    • engrossing
    • fascinating
    • riveting
    • gripping
    • compelling
    • compulsive
    • captivating
    • engaging
    • enthralling
    • appealing
    • attractive
    • amusing
    • entertaining
    • stimulating
    • thought-provoking
    • diverting
    • intriguing
    • something humans can relate to

    and that is to start.
    Let me know if you need more.

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    Write something which people are looking for. The Content should be clear and Precise so that people can find it valuable. This is the only think which make your content work as a natural magnet.
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    You content should be good enough to read by the users. And it should be unique from other contents.
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    I would focus on writing evergreen content. Long articles 2000 - 3500 words long. Google cares more about the length of the content than how many posts you make. I'd recommend for writing tips and tricks.

    If you want to rank, make sure your article answers more questions than anyone else and keep paragraphs short and include H1 - H6 headings in your post. People like to skim when reading and by breaking up your articles into short paragraphs you will help your readers stay engaged.

    I would also include images with proper ALT text and if you can embed a youtube video related to your article. I know it sounds like too much work but us workers make the most money
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    I think quality of writing and quality of presenting content is the key to get write so that people want to backlink to you.
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    Well, it depends on the quality of your content and how your content is useful and can be beneficial. The subject is according to the need of the people that help them. Mostly people like engaging content and make interesting.
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