Are these types of link building are still alive?

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Hey everyone. I've already read a lot of theoretical material on this forum, but I can't understand one simple this. I'll try to explain as detailed as possible.
I'm from Ukraine and last 2 years I've been only registered and got experience on Russian-speaking SEO forums and also have been working with clients from Ukraine, Russia, etc. And there become very popular past year I think and have a huge demand for Crowd Marketing services, that means in Russian-speaking SEO world - providing linkbuilding by posting on good traffic forums, answering on QA websites and blog commenting. That's All guys, nothing more!!!
And as a result, on Russian-speaking SEO forums appears lots of new suppliers day by day, that provide such kind of service. And also want to say, that prices for that services are higher than in Europe or US and that doesn't afraid clients...they pay and ready to order more and more. For example, post on Russian forum with a clickable link can cost more than 6$!!!
So, the main question: is it normal at all? Why there aren't tones of supplies here for such kind of services? It is not interesting for service providers here, or they don't know how to do it well? Or such kind of links are not valuable for English SEO market? I mean, that most parts of links from good traffic forums, QA websites like Quora are no-follow, no-index, even redirect, instead of all of that, such links give the website the main - traffic!! English clients don't like it at all. I can confirm that I heard the same from Upwork clients for example, but it also depends on the client and few of them understand the importance of such kind of links and ready to pay. But it's so little % of all.

That's it. I hope I explain, what I'm trying to understand. Sorry for a lot of text. Will be very grateful to someone who can help me understand all of this.
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    I'm sorry to say that I didn't get your question?

    Could you please come again? In simple and crispy words?
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    • What about supply and demand in building links on forums, blogs and Q&A websites in the English speaking world.
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    I think what you are asking is why there is not a high demand in the English speaking world for services that build links on forums, blogs and Q&A websites - things that are in very high demand by Russian language sites for some unknown reason.

    I can't speak for everybody, but there is very little value in a service that does that for me. None of those kind of links will help your search rankings even if you do find the rare site that has dofollow links. Any link you can place yourself on somebody else's website is more or less worthless in terms of SEO.

    Now, if they are on highly targeted sites that are extremely related to your site, they may provide some traffic. I can't see paying a company very much money at all to do something I could do myself with only a few minutes of my time, though.

    A valuable link is one that you cannot place yourself. Maybe the English speaking world understands that better then the Russian language world.
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    • Yes you are right, but for example, few people found out me on russian speaking forum to order such service. It names Crowd marketing....but I dont see a lot of supplies of such services...except indians with their poor service providing...why is that....?
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