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I have an issue where I have two websites selling the same products. Both sites are 5-10 years old, have established rankings within Google and make sales independently. However, I have long considered redirecting one to the other. There is no real need to manage two sites.

The primary site sells goods within a particular industry, the other a particular category within that industry. Whilst the smaller, secondary site is exclusive to a particular area of a market, I'm not quite sure how significant this level of optimisation is to warrant keeping it separate. Although its primary keyword is within the domain name and the content is obviously solely about this particular area. It is not promoted or updated very often and only has approx. 500-1000 visitors per month.

What is the best thing to do?

1. Leave both sites a they are.
2. Straight redirect from one to the other (I would redirect to the appropriate category of the larger site).
3. Redirect individual product pages from one site to the other.
4. Something else.

Many thanks
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    Keep both sites, but focus more energy to the one you like more.

    Get the visitors down to under 100 per month, before doing a redirect. By that time your favorite site should be way more popular that it is right now.

    Reach for the stars.
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    I used to use html re-direct code. It's simple and easy.
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