One of the blogger post is annoying me

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Some person wrote bad about my company using blogger post.
if i typed my business name that post is appearing in 1st page so how to take down that post or how to do ORM to move that post to 2nd or 3rd page.
So please some one help me in this issue.
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  • One thing you can do is create new content to counter it. Encourage people to share your content or testimonials.
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      I agree with him you can make downward there post which help to get good one on first page
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      This is what I would exactly do. As long as you have good content then it will be easy to fix.

      Cearion Uy - Marketing Advisor

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    ORM is really big thing. i advice you to take the help of best SEO company.
    it is great that you find the link from where the content is showing.
    if possible report those page and ask your friends to do the same.
    or post the same thread in Google community. they will surely help you.
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    You can do 2 things, first you need to find all the web mentions for your brand online and start link building to them with your brand term. also start sending traffic to all those brand mentions. you will see improvement. keep track of all these rankings.

    2nd, if you wish to do, you can blast low quality links to this blog post with spammy anchors, so this listing become less impressive to google and google can replace it with other listing on which you are working.
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    You should do something to counter the effect of that move. It's either you double your efforts in gaining quality backlinks and asking people to post positive things about your company or hire an SEO company to do it for you.

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    Originally Posted by maninaction View Post

    2nd, if you wish to do, you can blast low quality links to this blog post with spammy anchors, so this listing become less impressive to google and google can replace it with other listing on which you are working.
    That is a terrible idea. There is no guarantee that Google will see those links as low quality. You might accidentally end up improving their rank instead of harming it.
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      Originally Posted by Connann View Post

      Ask to google to remove it.
      Why would google remove it?
      Why would google care?
      Why would google respond?

      Google does not care if people hate your business.

      Complete waste of time.

      You have a very, very, very, very, very, poor website to have one lousy blog post take it down.

      Do you know how many millions of complaints against walmart are out there online?

      Do they care?

      Now ask yourself, "Why does walmart not care?"


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    If your company is good then do not worry about it.
    You tell the goole about the blog.Not getting backlin from bad bloggers.
    You can remove the blog by playing backlink on that blog-not recommended
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    Unless you are a major brand then it's likely your business name is fairly low competition keyword.

    In this case that is a good thing.

    If the current 'bad' post is a blogger blog post it may be that it only has the power of blogger that is ranking it. It may be an established and authoritative site but likely not, you don't mention the site name.

    Anyhow the process to remove that post from the first page of Google is to simple take over the first page yourself. In most cases there are now only 7 organic results on a page so you want to fill those seven slots. It's not as hard as it may seem. And in practice just getting the first 3 will push the bad review below the fold. Which may be good enough!

    But before I go there here are a few do nots:

    1. Don't bother reporting to Google. It's not a crime to post a bad review (true or not will depend on your point of view). It's notoriously difficult to get bad reviews removed unless they have broken the terms and conditions of the site they are published on.

    Consider carefully before responding to that post in any comments etc. If it is truly someone who has had a bad experience with your company or a personal grudge or something then it will simply turn into and argument and you will come off worse. After all it's their blog!

    So how to take over page one for your business name? Hopefully it is a relatively low competition keyword as I mentioned.

    Of course your own website should be number one in google for your business name. If not get that sorted. If needed get some professional SEO help.

    Like the blogger probably has used the authority of the main site to rank, so you can do the same.

    1. Create a blogger blog and blog and create pages based on your business name keyword.
    2. Create a LinkedIn account in your business name
    3. Create a YouTube account (add videos with business name) and Twitter account.
    4. Create Instagram account and images using your business name
    5. Create/Claim your yellow pages/Yelp and any other top directory for your particular trade listing.
    6. Create/Claim your foursquare listing
    7. Create Facebook Page with your business name
    8. Claim/Create you Google My Business listing (if your business name returns a local search this can dominate the entire 'above the fold').

    All of the above are authority sites in their own right and regularly appear on page one.
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