Am i cannibalizing my own keyword pages/

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im newer to SEO , starting to get the hang of things, and improving my rankings for my keywords, but i am wondering if i am doing to much in regards to certain KWs.

For example should i be targeting keywords on my product pages or would a landing page be more ideal?

iE: Buy new shoes online canada. should i be targeting this as a key word for my product page or a landing page?

right now i have my product page targeting these keywords but also a landing page.

so my product pages look like for a product page and for a landing page with much richer content.

Should i be beefing up my landing pages and putting more emphasis on a landing page as i can provide more quality info on there, and target less competitive keywords on these pages?

I run a medical marijuana dispensary , and an online e commerce service.

Here is an example:

Product / sales page :

Landing page:
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