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5 year's ago, I selled my website with blog and forum to a guy who wanted to rebuild and moneytize the project. But nothing happend. If you search my name on Google, you find on the first page links to my old website, which I do not want. Because I do not want to be associated with it anymore.

I tried 2 years ago to contact the new website owner via Email and phone but he don't answer. I also tried to contact Google to remove the links from the Google search and also in this case, nothing happend.

I see no other options than kicking the sites out off Google. But how? I cant find any services in this way. I dont think that 10000 porn spam backlinks from Xrumer are not effective anymore?

The website is dead. There is no new content since 2014. But the website is 8 years old and some contend ranked really good.
Website and blog = Wordpress
Forum = vBulletin

It's not my goal kick whole website out from Google. Hacking and exploiting are also no options for me.
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    Share your site url with us.
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      Sorry, I hope you understand that I don't want to make the website in combination with my intention public.
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    Negative SEO just Harmful For any site.
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    Not really anything you can do about it. You can try to outrank it with other webpages, but at best you are probably just going to push it to page 2.

    That's about it.
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      Page 2 would be at least a start.
      Maybe anyone knows an service provider?
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    OMG never do negative SEO. If I was in that position, I would go into iTunes, find 50 podcasters in whatever niche you are working in now, and request to be interviewed on their show.

    The show notes pages around your guest interview will quickly outrank the old site for your name.
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    i think until now, negative seo still work well.
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