Direct traffic - where they came from?

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Hi guys,

I have an e-comm website 6 months old and I don't understand a parameter. When I look into analytics I see that 85% of conversions objetifs are coming from direct traffic. BUT, the brand is totaly new in my country! In term of digital marketing I made some campaigns using an influencer blogger in that niche, with his testimonial promoted on Youtube and some facebook ads. That's all.
How can I find the source of these direct traffic on website?
Thank you all.
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    Maybe people who saw the blogger mention you just typed the website straight in?
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      Originally Posted by Rob Harris View Post

      Maybe people who saw the blogger mention you just typed the website straight in?
      Yes, maybe.

      It's a bit mysterious. Or a bug in Google Analytics? But (personally) I do not remember finding a bug in Analytics..

      Usually the direct traffic comes from visitors who are satisfied with the site, who remember the name of the site because it is easy to remember, who put the site in their favorites etc.

      Except for highly recognized companies, for well-known brands (Facebook for example), the majority of website traffic comes from search (Google), advertising, or social media, but not direct traffic.
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    In this case, the conclusion would be that the influencer is so efficient?
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    its just those traffic come from people type in their browser
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    they are come by entering your site URL in Search engine
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    If website name is easy to remember and trusted then it can be happens. Like, if you want to login Facebook by browser then you will not go to Google for search.

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    Some sources are really very strong of your website that really helping your website to getting direct traffic.
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    It's very frustrating that I can't detect the valuable sources.
    Yes I know how they are directly coming to my website, but my concern is what influenced them to be so determined? I think this is the pure power manifestation of an influencer. Don't you think?
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    Yeah that's true, reason behind the fold is, these visitors come from facebook advertisements. I also promote my website on Facebook adds, result is terable, Facebook serves robot traffic to their advertisers. I checked too many times and found that Facebook referral traffic is counted as direct traffic in Google analytics. So stop promoting your link on facebook promotion, promote only your images or page links.
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  • It depends upon the keyword that was used in the search engines that is related to your business. When your keyword is optimized and effective, you can surely get results from direct traffic
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    It can also be software or bots. Not always users.
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    Direct traffic creates by entering a URL into browser and using bookmark to access the site directly.

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    Sometimes, Google Analytics will consider some unknown traffic from ad campaigns as direct traffic. To avoid that, you can use Google Analytics URL Builder. you can easily tag URLs with custom campaign variables and then use an automated reporting tool to keep track of progress. Campaign variables allow you to track which of your promotions are generating the most traffic/conversions.
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    I have no clue if this is the case with your site, but if you are using a shared SLL certificate, conversions will always show up as being direct traffic.
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