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Hi all,
I have keyword files (with a top layer focus KW) and need a 150 word description for each focus keyword (and meta description & title also).

Any suggestions on the best spinner tool that will work from an input KW file and spit out a 150 word good looking description for SEO (title and meta output wopuld be great too) that includes those KWs obviously?

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    Hi, there!
    I suggest SEOToolsCentre's Spinner PRO. What makes this tool stand out is it recommends synonyms or related words, giving you the freedom to choose words that you think fit best as regards context. So in a way, it seems like you are the one rewriting the content.
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    SEMrush is the best.
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    You should not use these types of tools.
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    First off, using a spinner tool for anything is a grammatical disaster waiting to happen. Most people stopped using these kind of tools nearly a decade ago when the Panda algorithm filter hit for the first time.

    Second, having keywords in your meta descriptions does nothing for SEO. Meta descriptions are not used by any major search engine for ranking websites.

    Third, there IS an actual reason for the meta description. It is meant to inspire a click. A tool is never going to be able to come up with compelling meta descriptions that will get a click.

    Finally, if you do not have time to write unique meta descriptions, just leave them blank. Search engines will automatically grab words off of your pages that are in line with the search query.
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    You can use long tail pro for research keywords. Also can use semrush.
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    SEMRush is the best tool.
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    hey webmaster,
    I suggest you, never use article spinner, you can write your 150 in 5 minutes.
    Google know about spin content and they throw you out from search results, write content for human not for bot than search engine count your keywords.
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    Don't waste money and time.

    Do your research.

    Build a successful business by putting in time, energy and service.
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    You can get exactly according to your recruitment, There is no tools available on these type.
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    All these type of tool can be helpful sometimes but I prefer writing manually. Even if it's not easy it gives me courage to learn and correct my errors.
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    I will be suggest you Spinner PRO
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    I advice you to stay away from automated tools if you are doing SEO.
    Google will came to know about the content which is made by spinning the old content.
    So take the help of content writer for content. Unique content will get more priority.
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    Actually spinning is not very effective for publish with a website. In spinning contents most of the thing like robotic, spinning contents can changes meaning of a content. So better not to use it.
    If you need this service with very urgent then you can use smallseotool this site can be effective for this work but you need to edit it again manually.
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    smallseotools and seoreviewtools are the best tool.
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    I suggest you kwfinder
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    Small seo tools are best spinner tools which help you
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    TOOLS are just there for help you succeed. You can use it to succeed or to fail. It's up to you. Use it wisely.

    Find the high potential winning eCommerce products on SpyHour

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    That looks like a great option but something on desktop?
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    Hello, I suggest you SEMRush. It is the best tool I've found ever.
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    SEMRush i would suggest you to use.
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    Best SEO Tools are

    Google Analytic
    Google Webmaster
    Google Adwords
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    Google Keyword Planner is best tool choice right keywords.
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