Can anyone help me assess my market competition?

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Hey I am looking to start up a blog in a certain market and I've done the Competition Research so far, I would need some help assessing it.I saw the 10 top pages rank for a certain page in their domain, and only that page has any relevance to the targeted keyword, in rest the domains talk about other subjects. If I have my blog focused on that keyword, making the whole domain more optimized for it, including for example, placing it in the domain name, will that be feasible enough to outrank the competitors? Or is their authority too strong?

Below I have transcribed the competition research based on internal and external factors used for SEO, with the nr. 1 website at the top of the list.


DA=Domain Age
CF=Citation Flow
TF=Traffic Flow
NP=Number of pages on the domain indexed by Bing globally
UBD=Number of unique backlinks pointing to the domanin
BD=Number of backlinks pointing to the domanin (not including internal backlinks)
UBP=Number of unique backlinks pointing to the page
BP=Number of backlinks pointing to page (not including internal bakclinks)
T=Keyword in Title
U=Keyword in Page URL
D=Keyword in Description
H=Keyword in Header

Thank you guys for any help!
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    Sorry... Those numbers and factors are NOT all that goes into assessing competition

    A) some of those metrics are HIGHLY unreliable (Moz in particular)
    B) No tool or metric in the market comes close to assessing competition link strength limited to keywords.
    C) Many tools and metrics nearly ignore site structure (a page internally linked can be supported by links from other page links internal to the site).

    I've seen people run away from serps based onhigh numbers that were SUPER easy to rank for and people use those numbers to claim weak competition they never could crack.

    You can't use tools alone to accurately determine competition.

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    I don't know why people are so obsessed with DA, CF or TF.
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