Is it worth it getting Google and Facebook accreditation?

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Are these worth getting if you want to setup as an agency?

Do they have any weight?

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  • In my personal view, when I hire someone, these are the last thing I look at. Show me what you know and impress me with something new. You'd be surprised how many people with Adwords certification that don't know the first thing about marketing. It's because the certification is not about marketing.

    Now, the general public doesn't know about this and a certification looks impressive. They equate it with a doctor's diploma so it might sway them to choose you over someone else. The problem is that it's easy to get the certification and everyone has it. So you still need to differentiate yourself from competitors in some other way. But at the very least, it shows you may have some commitment to the trade having taken the trouble to get it. Like I said, that will work with potential clients but not with me personally.
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    I had no idea I had a reply - I didn't get any emails.
    Thanks for the awesome reply.
    I sent you a PM - wanted some advice. Would be so good if you can give me a pointer on what to do.
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    If you have the time, it cannot possibly hurt you to get the accreditation from both. It will look more impressive to many people, whether it really proves anything about your abilities or not.
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    Its purely for branding and for building credibility with potential clients. But I agree most PPC agencies or so-called marketing agencies with these badges know very little about SEO or marketing.The unsuspecting public don't know that, though.
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    I think it is a better investment of your time early on to publish case studies on your site. Later on, hire an employee and pay them to take those certifications.

    It's free training, but I have never been impressed with the Google AdWords training and we haven't even bothered to become a "Google Certified Partner Agency" yet. I know we need to at some point, but only because all the other agencies do it. LOL!

    Blake Akers

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    Well, it looks good on paper if you're accredited. Makes you more attractive to a lot of folks out there. Otherwise, I pretty much share the same views as LucidWebMarketing and the others here. Anyone worth their salt knows that accreditations don't really matter much as long as that someone they hired actually knows what they're doing. Frankly speaking, we'd be more impressed with your work samples than your certifications. Certs are worth nil if you haven't actually learned anything.
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    Absolutely. You should also get agency/MCC accounts. Being professionally certified is something great to fall back on if a client asks for any kind of accreditation, especially when you are a beginner without a great deal of testimonials.
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    Those accreditations will definitely help if your agency is based on the knowledge that is covered by the material to pass the exam. Any accreditations, degrees, and diplomas only serve as credibility boosters in the world of entrepreneurship, nothing else.

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