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I am curious to know about mobile friendly site and responsive site. Here are my questions

1) What is the key differences between mobile friendly site and responsive site?

2) How to detect website is mobile friendly or responsive?

3) Which is better? mobile friendly or responsive?

Your answers will help me a lot to understand the things in a better way,

Gajender Singh
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    Hi Gajender,

    The definition of a "mobile friendly" website is a pretty loose definition more general in character and doesn't imply any one specific method of building the website.

    Generally speaking a mobile friendly website could be a Responsive Web Design, an Adaptive Web Design, or a Dedicated Mobile Website. They are all "mobile friendly" even though each take a different approach to achieving mobile friendliness.

    The are of course other mobile friendly technologies, including AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), and Progressive Web Apps that bring many of the benefits of a native app while remaining essential a web application.

    Just as web apps have replaced most desktop apps, it seems likely that PWAs are heading towards a day where they will replace many if not most native mobile apps. Of course just as there are many exceptions to this trend in the desktop world there will always be some native apps that will not likely be replaced by PWAs anytime soon.


    Don Burk
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    A responsive site gives response based on the user needs with the unnecessary images being hidden. The mobile friendly one is made in such a way that it functions in the same manner across all the devices
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    A responsive website is one that responds based on the needs of the users and the device that they're viewing it on. Here, the text and images change from a three-column layout, to a single column display and unnecessary images are hidden.

    A mobile-friendly website is one that is designed to work the exact same way across devices.

    If you are on desktop, then you can reduce the window size and check if the website is mobile friendly. If the website's menu, images , text changes to fit the screen, the website is mobile friendly.

    Now the days, everyone uses mobile to access internet to search solution to their queries. So it is recommended to have mobile friendly website to get more visitors and sales.
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    Every responsive website is mobile and others device friendly. Responsive website structure depend on mobile or others device skin size.
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    Mobile friendly site and responsive site are just the same as well as it only shows the site's adaptive capability in different devices.
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