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Hi there. I have 2 blogs that are similar to each other and I would like to know what are my options in merging the 2 into 1.

What I am thinking of doing is to do a 301 redirect of posts from one site to the other.

I would first need to publish the already published blog on site #2, then do the redirect and re-index.

Is this a good way to go about it? Am I missing something here?

Many thanks
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    Just place your posts in the new site and then 301 redirect them. You don't have to remove them.
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  • That's all I need to do?

    If I don't delete it doesn't that make it "duplicate content"?

    Also, any other SEO problems I should look out for?

    Many thanks for your help.
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    I move content around a fair bit.

    I usually make a copy of the content on the new site, add a 301 redirect from the old, leave both versions live for at least a few weeks, when everything is reindexed etc... I delete the original content.

    I keep the original for a bit because I use WordPress on most of my sites which automatically links to WordPress posts from categories etc.. By keeping the original online the category links etc... remain live so Google can follow them, pass ranking value etc...

    When you delete the original content you loose the internal links if you use a CMS like WordPress and that could result in a ranking drop.

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  • Great thank you all for your feedbak.
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