Does Google giving more important to internal pages than homepage recently?

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Hi everybody,

I can see the change Google brought in the SERP. Previously website homepages will be shown for primary keywords, now it's slowly and almost switched to showing most related internal pages in a website. You can check same for keyword "SEO", Most or all the results are internal pages. I can see this change for our primary keyword from last one month. So basically Google is trying to show a page explaining about the primary keywords rather than website, that's how "what is seo" pages are ranking than homepages. If there is no such pages existed or not well written, Google is just showing the website homepage. But I noticed that websites ranking with homepages are dropped compared to the websites with dedicated page about that primary keyword. Please share your thoughts.

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    They give preference to the page that is more relevant to the search query, whether that be your homepage or an inner page. It depends on how well your page "answers" the search query. Simple as that.
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    I think yes, because Google is always finding site pages that are most suitable to the users query and not only limited to home page.
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    Hi MichaelTech,

    Google seems to do a fine job matching search results with the content on your specific page.

    If your home page aligns best with the keyword or phrase, it ranks. But if internal pages align best, they rank individually.

    For most of us, the home page is a bit static save new blog post summaries added, whereas our internal pages are unique, content rich creations which giver Google users a better representation of the search word or phrase.

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    I imagine that for most sites, there are inner pages that have much more information about a specific keyword phrase than the home page does. Although I have not noticed this trend, if it is happening, it's undoubtedly a positive change.
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