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I am going to be very honest here, I am new to the whole Linkwheel concept. Which link wheel concept do you use? For instance, how many "wheels", and do you build one article a day or every other day to act normal to google?

I am interested in hearing if you use a linkwheel and if so, what does the diagram look like? If you don't use a linkwheel, why not?
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    As a war roomer you're in luck

    Here's a link that might help you out.

    You have to opt-in, but the diagrams are very helpful.
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    Don't share your exact diagram to others, learn the basic concept of link wheel and build your own diagram.

    Don't worry, any numbers of wheels will always have effect to your site. For a general guideline, don't build more than 15 - 20 backlinks to a brand new domain per day.
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    Hey Lance,

    Thanks for bringing that up. I actually saw that thread, and read over the .pdf (which is VERY well constructed - I am surprised he didn't charge for it!), although I wanted to get a clearer picture of outside the Linkweel, and if a lot of people actually use it, as a generalization, and then in particular, which Linkwheel's people use.

    Thank you again Lance.

    Hey fullmatrix,

    Thanks for your insight!

    The reason I need a little guidance is because I am very new with LinkWheel's, so I basically needed a little advice, and if it was even worth "going on" with.

    I did a bit of research about google disliking a lot of links from the linkwheel going to one particular site, so thank you for telling me that no more than 15 - 20 backlinks to a new domain a day.
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      Glad to help mate, yes its worth every effort.

      Even if your wheel is broken for some reason, you will still get link juice and traffic because every properties is also act as an individual backlinks and promotion tools.

      Good luck with it.
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    I tried it... didnt notice anything spectacular.. except for the extra work.

    I no longer do it.
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    jitterbug978, thanks for your insight. From what I read, it gives you link juice... With that site you tried with a linkwheel, did you have a lot of competition?

    Thanks fullmatrix, I have 8 articles written up about the same topic, I am basically thinking if I should write more at this point, or just do a link wheel with 8 articles.

    Thank you everyone for your input.
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    Yikes I think I'm gonna need to rethink how I'm building my links!
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    I personally use link wheel method of dominating at google searches.
    Nowadays, you can get in TOP10 google searches very and very quickly for low-competition keyword. I mean, that you can get over there in less then 24 hours.
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    Originally Posted by Branlan17 View Post

    Yikes I think I'm gonna need to rethink how I'm building my links!
    That's how I thought a couple days ago, I am missing out I thought!

    maksym, thanks for your input. About how many articles(to link back to your main hub) do you use to gain top 10 in the serps? If you could give an estimate, that would be great, but if you don't want to say, that's OKAY, I understand.

    Mark, thank you for bringing that to my attention. I would love to purchase that software, however, I have always learned to do things manually before using an automated method, so I always have a method to fall back on, and if I was to ever teach it to a client or customer, I knew what I was saying rather than just saying to download a particular software. After I learn a bit more and try it manually, I will most likely give that software a trial and actually purchase it, so thank you again for bringing it to my attention!
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