Is SEO productive for dating offers ?

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I've heard that SEO is low converting method for dating offers...what do you guys think ?
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    My thought is that SEO is a low converting form of traffic for any offer unless the keywords are buyer specific. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing if your ranking for medium to high volume keywords.

    My most profitable site relied on search engine traffic and ranked in the top five for the keyword 'buy [product name]'. It was only searched about 500 times a month but converted very well.

    If you're just starting out, my question would be why are you entering the dating market? How are you going to out rank the's of the world? Unless you are very, very niche specific that is going to be a hard road ahead. There's much lower hanging fruit out there.

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    A lot of SEO traffic for dating is:

    1) Under 18
    2) Low income countries
    3) Info seeking
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    Originally Posted by Viktor DetchTech View Post

    I've heard that SEO is low converting method for dating offers...what do you guys think ?
    Seo is just another marketing method, the more venues you have to bring people to your offer the better.
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    It will be better suit for the low income countried as well...happy emotion
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    Low converting because most of traffic from under 18 people and low income, unemployed people.
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    If you come in the front door of dating it will be next to impossible so choosing keywords for the niche is extremely important

    I did a case study for dating looking at who is on page one for certain keywords
    here is what the data looks like

    Let's start with Divorced Dating, very hard to get traction because of who is on page one

    Chart shows how the domain authority of websites are spread out, green easiest to displace, yellow medium hard requires work and red very hard generally brands

    Now if you chose ethnic dating for this example I chose Jewish Singles

    If you dig even deeper and start looking at alternate terms like matchmaking you will see the competition starts looking like it is possible

    So if you think out of the box and look at different but related terms for dating you might get traction

    As your site matures with time and becomes more relevant the chances for ranking with the much higher domain authority websites increase over time

    Dating is a difficult niche to rank, but if you think out of the box there is many possibilities of getting in front of people who are searching for specific alternatives to the common keyword terms

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    SEO would work for any type of offer . Just would be harder for some to rank than the other depending on the competition of the industry
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    Hi, Viktor DetchTech
    yeah! Seo is another one techniques of digital marketing so surely you can do to this offer.
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    SEO is dead, circa 2004.
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      Who told you SEO was dead?
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        Originally Posted by Cristy Vasga View Post

        Who told you SEO was dead?
        It was sarcasm.

        Obviously SEO can be extremely profitable.
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    Who told you SEO was dead?
    Not every answer comes from 'I heard' or 'I read' or 'someone told me'....

    Sometimes opinions are gained through years of experience online. Seems to be rare these days, but it does happen.
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    It is a slow process but the accurate one which means that people who are actually looking for the stuff will land on your webpage which means the conversion ratio is way higher than other forms of marketing. It's not a good idea for immediate conversions but good for have a static flow of targeted users to your website over a period of time.
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    You'd better go to pay per click in traffic junky or exotic ads or other

    Think that people have to set safesearch mode of google off, to see your site, and you compete with sites like pornhub etc.
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    Nope it's not .

    If you write quality dating content consistently and have patience.

    Then you'll start getting results
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    It will also depend on the keywords you are targeting.
    I sell backlinks on some of the most lucrative editorial websites in the world.
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  • I don't think SEO a better option for promoting dating offers. I tried it with SEO but got no results. It is really a low performing traffic source.
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    SEO shall work for any niche as long as there is a market for it, that means if there is an opportunity for searches, then definitely worth trying. All you need is an idea of who you are going to target and the keywords you are going to target..
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