Hreflang, unsure if to keep, as pages differ? been told by experts to keep and some say remove?

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Hi, sorry for the new signup name, warrior forum email password reset is not working, the link in bt internet email does not work, hence signed up again, new account.

I was told by designers i need to implement Hreflang and since doing this my traffic has dropped almost completely.I have pages from the UK and USA and in most cases they differ.

Dates may be different, videos, prices, some cases on games that have been reviewed they are also different, as if someone reviews a game on the UK, it does not add that review to the USA page, hence they become different.

My designers stated the following. Can I ask the reason to remove hreflang meta from the site as this is this the preferred way of dealing with internationalisation?

Can anyone shed some light on this, all pages in the UK with hreflang now state error in seoquake, since the pages differ, would i be right in thinking it needs to be removed?

SeoQuake states this on most uk games that contain a hreflang
Google cache date error

Hoping to solve this as 7 years has passed and i am still none the wiser.


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