How to neat 1st ranker on google search results?

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My website is ranking on 4th position in Google search results. My content has much relevant informationthan first ranker even I am on fourth position. The first ranker website has many backlinks and is forum site. Are there way to beat 1st ranker website and aquire the 1st position im google search result.
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    There's always a way, it just might not be worth the investment though.

    Keep linking getting people to the content.
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  • 1.Make sure your content is well written and has as many backlinks as possible (more than your competitors'),
    2. Make sure your content is the best in your industry for the given keyword,
    3. Check if the word count exceeds your competitor's
    4. Check your website's speed,

    I wish you good luck and much success!
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    When you are that close, it almost always comes down to links.
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      I agree! Link building is the game changer for improving the rank.
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      Originally Posted by dave_hermansen View Post

      When you are that close, it almost always comes down to links.
      That and the established forum has 8,700 relevant internal pages, some with their own link profiles which is why forums usually have multiple pages ranked per keyword.
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  • This is one method how to rank #1 in Google's search results

    Create YouTube videos relevant to your website content, and use paid advertising to drive targeted traffic to your YouTube videos.

    Link to your website from your YouTube videos, then Google will eventually move you up in the search engine search results if your YouTube videos are highly search engine optimized to rank for your main keywords.
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    Improving your ranking up to the first few pages mostly depends on your relevancy/on-site optimization. Those first few pages, however, often come down to the amount of engagement your website gets.

    The more traffic and interaction you get, the better your rankings get. Titles and descriptions are becoming that much more important because keyword optimization is not enough anymore. They need to be optimized for the user as well.

    If it is the forum that takes up no.1 position for your keyword, it seems to me that they probably are getting more engagement than your site.

    Keep doing what you are doing and also focus on traffic and engagement.

    Good luck and enjoy the process.

    Good SEO work only gets better over time. It is only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change. -- Jill Whalen

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