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Before I start, let me declare that I am a Newbie so please forgive me if this has been asked previously or if i am making any mistakes.

I have a WordPress site which I set up a while back when I was setting up the site I installed a plugin to enable
HTTS on my site but after contacting my host they said it is only valid for 3 months but the problem was
Before asking my hosting provider I verified my site to Google Webmaster tools with https:// mysite

Now in search results, few of my pages show https & few don't .. on the other hand, semrush says I have duplicate
content issues as I happened to have both HTTP & https versions of the same page.

Can somebody help me in this, how can I solve this? am I hurting myself? for reference i am uploading a screenshot.
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Google Search -
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    Use services like letsencrypt'. They will provide you free https. You just have to do is renew them every 3 months.
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    Hello Evansourav.

    As long as you know where to find the resources that you need, nowadays it is really easy to get https encryption on your website. I personally always had good experience with Cloudflare, They are mostly paid service, but for most people that want to secure only one domain, they offer a free account, which is just delicious.

    Cloudflare is a CDN company. What the heck is CDN you ask? Well, I am glad you asked. A CDN or a Content Delivery Network is essentially many physical computers that keep copies of your entire website in a physical form and by that, I mean files of text, images, videos, etc., that you put on your site.

    Now, those computers containing physical copies of your website content are distributed all over the country and are ready to deliver the files to anybody that wants to access your website. Whoever visits your website actually downloads those files from the CDN computer that is located the closest to that person's physical location. This dramatically improves the download time, resulting in the website loading much faster.

    If you create a free account with CDN, such as Cloudflare, you will not only be able to get your website to https, you will also speed up the loading time of your website, which also influences your rankings, decreases your bounce rate and ultimately gets more traffic to your website.

    I hope this helps. If you have any more questions regarding CDN or how to set it up once you create the account, send me a PM and I will walk you through it. Cheers.

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    A lot of things. But just one really matters.

    Create a redirect from HTTP to HTTPS, so that if you forgot to update a link, it will automatically switch to HTTPs in the end.

    I would also recommend to do SSL offload on a load balancer instead of terminating it directly on the server. It adds flexibility.

    Techtiq solutions,
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    Thanks everyone problem has solved
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