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Hello SEO Experts, and newcomers

I want your honest opinion on a plugin called Consolety.
To explain it as short as possible :

Almost all WordPress installation has a "related content" section, based on your category, or tags.
What we build was a plugin called Consolety, where we take your published posts titles, tags, categories, content and language.
We then match your published post with other users in the consolety network. If there is a match, we display a small block with max. 3 links to the related (matched) content.

The block is nicely displayed (somewhat similar to google) with the title, short excerpt and a button to the article "related content post".
Meaning that you now have a backlink, and you receive one from the same post you send it to. (link partners).

Basically what we tried to make a sophisticated link exchange platform, but meant to enhance your audiences experience, linking only to relevant, meaningful posts that add-on to your original publications.

The system is free, google doesn't like paid links.
we tried to visualize it elegant, similar to how the "adsense/adwords" system works.
and we only display the block only when there is a match, if there is no match, nothing is displayed.
Your post is stored in the network and will get a match once someone writes about the same topic as you have.

So in short you can acquire up-to 3 links per blog post that matches your tags, categories, titles, content and language. Displayed as a "related content" section under your content.

The network is separated in several sections:
White Hat SEO
Black Hat SEO (has sub categories of Churn&Burn, Minimal & SpunContent/Autoblogs)
Private Blog Networks

we thoroughly inspect each submitted site before we approve them manually (inspections are done with Moz, Majestic, Ahrefs & copyscape), also we go through your entire website and only approve if it is placed under the right section.

If someone applies a black hat site under white hat SEO we permanently ban the account, we appreciate honest people and have a zero tolerance policy for the White Hat section.

So. The Question now follows, send us your honest opinion of this concept. we really need the feedback.
We are experts in SEO, but sometimes when you work on your own projects it's best to let someone else inspect your own work.
Tell us what you think of it? will it succeed? will it fail? why? and why not?

Thank you for your time
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