What Really Causes Google Traffic Becomes Worse Day by Day?

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Hi, to all warrior. I have a Programming Solution Blog. In 2017 My blog has Good traffic and Google reputation. I don't know what is going on 2018 every month I am losing traffic, even my blog has DA-16, PA-24, Moz Rank-5.63. below is a two picture of last two months(February and March). Please check and suggest me improvement. and https://sites.google.com/site/progra...edirects=0&d=1.

Sorry for File I attached I didn't have an option. Thanks and help me SEO Warrior cause I already lost 40% traffic and 10K rank in India and 60K ranks in the world.
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      Yes, I am doing same as I already did in past. I also improving content quality. but still, the problem is same.
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    Things like "DA-16, PA-24, Moz Rank-5.63" are absolutely meaningless. They are invented metrics that search engines do not use.

    Far more important is where you rank for your targeted search terms. You say that traffic is steadily declining but for which search phrases, for which pages of your site? Have your rankings for those terms taken a nosedive or are there just less people searching for them?

    Chances are, if searches have remained constant and your rankings have been dropping, it is a combination of weak/bad backlinks that are no longer giving the site the artificial boost they once were and/or that your content is not providing as good of a user experience as those sites that are outranking yours.
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      I completely agree with you, but in 2017 my blog statics was DA-11, PA-21, Moz Rank-5.63, at that time most SEO experts suggest me improve a DA and PA. Thanks for your time and comment.

      Can you suggest me any changes or strategy I have to choose so I can improve a traffic to my blog? and How to steal a competitor keyword without using any paid tools.?
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    Google's paying a lot more attention to user metrics than PA & DA. PA & DA are metrics that help us as SEO's gauge our sites, but they're really just made up metrics.

    Are people clicking from the search engine? Are people actually reading your content (dwell time)? Are people going to your site an engaging (clicking videos, leaving comments etc.)? Are people sharing your content on social?

    Things like that are more important than the strength of your site. Your site strength gets you to the table, but your content keeps you there.
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