Should include Tags, Categories and Image in XML Sitemap?

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Here are the example XML sitemap for category, post tag and attachment(image) below.Would it be any crawl issues or duplicate content in SEO point of view?
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    We usually no index the category pages and tags, Otherwise duplicate content issues arise. So we do not include them in the sitemap. Good luck!

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    Honestly, it doesn't really matter.

    You probably don't even need a sitemap.

    Whether you have duplicate content issues or not, what you do with the sitemap won't fix or cause them unless there is no other way on your site to reach the categories, tags, attachments, etc.

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    you should include the categories and image in XML sitemap ... it does not contain the duplications.
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    As of my SEO knowledge, There is no duplicate content arise if you will keep these tags in your XML SiteMap. Because nowadays Google has very smart to understand. Another way you can noindex them or exclude them from XML SiteMap.
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