Proper linking to a sub domain from main domain.

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Here is the situation. Our website (let's call it is a website for a printing company. It has been established for a while and get some organic traffic. So we got SAAS (Software as a Service) for an online shop this year. Because it's a SAAS it has to be set-up on the domain or sub-domain. What we decided to do is set that SAAS on a sub-domain (let's call it On we have product pages that are positioned good in the Google. So when customer is on the product page on we want to add button to order it online which will redirect them to a product page on

The debate is, so if we put buttons as links to from, would we loose link juice as Google considers sub-domains as different websites? So in that case do we need to put links back from to For example, customer visits page and from there when clicks on "Order" button they are redirected to So in this case, do we need to have link on back to to make sure that link juice is balanced?

Or do we make a javascript to redirect customer to a sub-domain page?

I know that ideally would be to set-up SAAS on the main domain and have all the product pages re-created, the problem is that there are a lot of products and that would take a lot of time to set-up all products, on top of that SAAS has to be launched on a domain and is hosted at the other companies servers, so it would be hard to control it.

How would you structure your links or redirects to a sub-domain pages without affecting main domain pages?

Any suggestions are welcome
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